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  • Ace of Pentacles

    Ace of Pentacles

    Ace of Pentacles is a card of worldly prospects. When this card appears, you are being called to pay attention to the opportunities presented to you by people, places, and practices within your daily life. It is within the suit of pentacles that we think about the hard work required to achieve something meaningful. The Ace of Pentacles asks if we can spot what that something is. The universe is presenting you with an offer of good fortune, inspiration, and new beginnings.

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  • Ace Of Cups

    Ace Of Cups

    The Ace of Cups asks us to embrace the deepness of ourselves, that which we rely on but rarely remember to honor and grow. It represents our universal self, the “I” that is part of everything. The Ace marks a beginning of a journey of the spirit. This is a time to grow emotionally, spiritually, or even in love.

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  • Tarot: The World

    Tarot: The World

    The World represents harmony, perfection, and completion. It marks an opportunity to wrap things up in a meaningful way. Put a bow on your project, admire your divine work, and allow yourself to rest. This card also signifies a time of renewal. Once you’ve been given respite and time to enjoy the warm glow of success, the cycle will begin again. The World, in all its glory, will be here waiting for you at the end of your next major journey. Life is but a series of these moments. 

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  • Tarot: The Moon

    Tarot: The Moon

    The Moon is not a card of answers and explanations, but one that asks us to look at the world through our mystical eye. Our third eye perceives that which is deeper than the physical world. The moon whispers “Something is happening here… beyond what your eyes can see and your mind has yet to grasp.” For some, walking through this territory of the mind can lead to great works and life changing discoveries. For others it can become a supernatural space full of foreboding and mental trappings.

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  • Tarot: Judgement

    Tarot: Judgement

    The Judgement card calls on us to evaluate ourselves and our life. The challenges we have faced. Our successes and our failures. What events have brought us to this exact moment? This card asks us to thoughtfully consider our life’s path and acknowledge the part we have played in shaping it’s course. Now is the time to honor your previous triumphs and let go of past mistakes. From a higher perspective we can gaze down at the unfolding story of our life and see things with new clarity. 

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  • Tarot: The Tower

    Tarot: The Tower

    The Tower card brings the unexpected, personal transformation, and the chance to build stronger foundations in life. This card brings a major life shift and the knowledge that things will never be the same. It’s time to let go of your attachments to people, places, things, and core beliefs. You may find that grand Tower was actually obstructing your view of opportunities that lie just ahead.

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