Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is a tarot card that represents the magic of collaboration, where diverse perspectives and expertise come together effortlessly to create something far more grand than the sum of its parts. The Three of Pentacles also carries the promise of acquiring new skills and knowledge that will propel you towards success in your endeavors. This card urges you to integrate these lessons and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

It’s important to note that this path of learning is not a solitary one. It embodies the spirit of group work rather than solitary study. In this harmonious union, there are no divisions or egos. Instead, each individual recognizes the inherent value that others bring to the table, contributing to the collective vision. Actively listening and sharing insight becomes the fuel that drives the collective vision forward.

When you engage in collaborative projects with others, embrace the worth of each person’s contributions. Celebrate the power of teamwork and the richness that arises from blending diverse perspectives. Open yourself to the flow of knowledge, where everyone’s voice is heard, and together you create something truly remarkable.

3 of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed Three of Pentacles can suggest a poor work ethic, disharmony within teams, or the undervaluing of one’s talents. It can mean that we are at a job that does not promote collaboration or that we are stuck in the belief that we must excel in every area of knowledge and skill. Additionally, this card position may be pointing to conflict or a lack of understanding among individuals, preventing a project or endeavor from moving forward.

This card serves as a reminder to prioritize cooperation over perfectionism, emphasizing the value of each person’s unique abilities within the collective. By seeking out environments that appreciate and nurture these talents, you create a fertile ground for your creative spark to flourish and be shared with the world.


“I nurture my own unique talents and embrace the beauty of collaboration”

3 of pentacles reversed

Three of Pentacles Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is associated with the Three of Pentacles tarot card.

3 of Pentacles Love

In matters of love, the Three of Pentacles symbolizes the importance of teamwork within our relationships. It often indicates that you are committed to building your relationship through hard work and the ability to recognize each other’s strengths. A strong foundation is built when both partners actively contribute towards a shared vision of love and growth. The Three of Pentacles encourages open communication, mutual support, and a willingness to work together to overcome challenges. It reminds us that love is a collaborative endeavor, where each person’s contributions are valued and acknowledged. Recognizing the beauty of collective effort is what allows us to create loving partnerships that thrive and blossom.

3 of Pentacles Yes or No

In a Yes or No reading, the Three of Pentacles can generally be interpreted as a Yes.

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Minor Arcana Symbolism

Tarot Card NameThree of Pentacles
Card Number EnergySynthesis
Numerological MeaningCreation, manifestation, community, growth, connection, expansion, birth, rebirth, artistry, chronology, generation, variability, communication, individuation, action, process, relationships, cycles, expression, vitality
Classical ElementEarth
Traditional Upright MeaningA job well done, recognition, apprenticeship, creating something you can be proud of with the help of others, collaboration, quality work, focused effort, teaching and learning, teamwork, sharing and listening, career satisfaction, attention to detail, pooling resources, learning a trade, achievement, cooperation, professional progress, motivation, implementation, mastery, excellence, shared goals, reward
Traditional Reversed MeaningDisharmony, misalignment, selfishness, no motivation, unwillingness to learn, conflict, clash of egos, working alone, apathy, obstacles at work, unsatisfactory work, lack of goals, inability to trust other members of your team, competition, lack of cohesion, careless mistakes, uncommitted, dissatisfaction at work, difficulty working with others
Jungian ArchetypeSensation
ChakraRoot, Solar Plexus
Astrological CorrespondenceMars in Capricorn
Crystals and StonesRuby, Mookaite Jasper, Garnet, Fire Opal, Red Coral, Fire Agate, Red Carnelian, Red Jasper, Brown Tourmaline, Chocolate Opal, Coral, Petrified Wood, Smoky Quartz, Axinite, Carnelian, Dunilite, Black tourmaline, Obsidian, Tahitian Pearl, Apache Tears, Hematite, Onyx, Lodestone, Jet, Black Kyanite, Coal, Shungite, Lava Stone, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Olivine, Lemon Quartz, Heliodor, Yellow Jade, Peridot, Golden Pearl, Sphene, Jargoon, Sulfur, Melichrysos, Honey Calcite, Pyrite, Chrysolite

3 of Pentacles As Feelings

The Three of Pentacles reflects the pleasure and pride that accompanies being recognized and appreciated for our contributions within a group or community. This card represents the joy that comes with co-creating something much greater than ourselves. It inspires a deep sense of connection, unity, and shared accomplishment, allowing us to bask in the warm glow of collaborative success and the happiness that flows from working in harmony with others.

3 of pentacles Love

Tarot Through the Ages

Tarot was originally invented as a card game in the mid 15th century. French occultist Jean-Baptiste Alliette, also known as “Etteilla”, was the first to assign divinatory meanings to the cards in the late 1700s. Many others have followed in his footsteps, bringing their own unique interpretation of the cards. In our exploration of the Tarot, we weave together contemporary insights with the timeless wisdom of the past. This blending of past and present perspectives offers a more holistic view, allowing us to connect with the evolving narrative and lineage of wisdom that has shaped our understanding of each card over time. Let’s dive into some of these historical interpretations…

3 of Pentacles Meaning


Construction; increase, growth; financial gain; the building up of favorable conditions; gain in commercial transactions; rank or prestige in vocation or business; beginning of matters to be perfected later.


Selfishness; cleverness in business, but lack of scruples; narrow and prejudiced; too much ambition.

Time period

Astrologically, the Three of Pentacles (Three of Coins) governs the second decanate of Capricorn, from January 1st to 10th, under the rulership of Venus.


On the face of the cube is the symbol of Saturn, for among the Divine Numbers, 3 is called the Sphere of Saturn. Note that here, as in the succeeding numbers (up to and including 9) we are dealing with the spheres of planetary action, not with the planets themselves. The sphere of a person’s activity is in the field in which he works. Similarly, the sphere of a planet’s activity is the field of that planet’s operation.

Numerologists, and others accustomed to using other numbers for the planets, should remember that we have very ancient authority for these attributions. See examples of this in the following texts: Eliphas Levi’s Dogma and Ritual of Transcendental Magic, Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s Natural Magic, Knorr von Rosenroth’s Kabbala Denudata, and other standard works on occultism. The black triangle upward in the evil hexagram of the Knapp Tarot. Although that is still part of the symbolism, it does not agree with the meanings of the card.



Modern Translation of The Oracle of the Tarot by Paul Foster Case (1933)

Three of Pentacles - RWS

The Minor Arcana: Three of Pentacles

Upright: Nobility, generosity, and good actions, as well as fame, glory, and splendor.

Reversed: The reversed meanings do not appear at all to respond to a card of pentacle-nature and, as in many other cases, simply seem to imply the absence of the better qualities: weakness, humility, vile and abject action, etc. Another interpretation of this card is “skilled labor” or “trade.”


The Three of Pentacles embodies the influence of the Fire on the Seventh House. This house governs the relationship between the Self and the Not-self. The seventh house also rules the executive ability of man. The Sun and Venus represent ideas of well-doing and a noble demeanor. Compare horoscopes that have the Sun and Venus in the seventh house. Well-conducted relations are an indication of civilization, aristocracy, and a sense of one’s place in the world as it relates to their occupation, trade, profession, marriage, and employment. Therefore, this card is associated with “workmanship,” which is aptly illustrated in W.’s deck.


This card signifies civilization, aristocracy, good workmanship, skill, civility, nobility, pleasant relationships, trades, employment, professions, and marriages. It also represents good done unto others, bounty, profitable business relationships, restoration, reparation, and favorable arrangements. A marriage under this card’s influence can be highly beneficial.

Modern Translation of the General Book of the Tarot by A.E. Thierens (1930)

Photo by Matthew Kalapuch via Unsplash (CC0)

3 of Pentacles Tarot

Upright: Métier (profession, occupation), trade, skilled labor; usually, however, regarded as a card of nobility, aristocracy, renown, glory.

Reversed: Mediocrity, in work and otherwise, puerility (immaturity), pettiness, weakness.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite (1910)

Three of Pentacles Card Imagery

A sculptor at his work in a monastery. Compare the design of this card with the illustration seen later on in the Eight of Pentacles. The same apprentice or amateur, who appears on the Eight of Pentacles card, has received his reward and is now at work in earnest in the Three of Pentacles card.

-Modern Translation of The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite (1910)

Three of Pentacles -  Symbolism Infographic

The Lord of Material Works

A white-winged angelic hand, as described before in the ace card, is holding a branch of a rose tree. On this branch, two white rosebuds touch and surmount the topmost Pentacle. The Pentacles are arranged in an equilateral triangle. Above and below are the symbols of Mars and Capricorn.

Symbolism: This card represents a working and constructive force, building up, creation, erection, realization and increase of material things; gain in commercial transactions, rank; increase of substance, influence, cleverness in business, and selfishness. Here we see the commencement of things that will be established at a later time. Narrow and prejudiced. Experienced and discerning in matters of gain, although sometimes prone to seeking impossibilities.

Binah of HB:H (Business, paid employment, commercial transaction).

Herein are the angelic rulers HB:YChVYH and HB:LHChYH.

Modern Translation of The Tarot of the Golden Dawn: Book “T” by MacGregor Mathers and Harriet Felkin

3 of pentacles

3 of Pentacles

The Meaning of The Three of Pentacles Card Throughout History

The Tarot deck is a beautiful synthesis of esoteric thought and archetypal imagery. The journey of the deck, shaped by the events and values of each era, has continued to evolve and take on new significance as it adapts to a larger cultural story. Often a tarot card will have a variety of names and meanings. Exploring the historical interpretations of each card will create a deeper understanding of this powerful method for divination and self-discovery.

Various Names For The Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles has taken many names throughout history such as Three of Disks, Three of Coins, Three of Deniers, Three of Stones, Three of Discs, and Three of Diamonds.

Tarot de Marseille (1650)Three of Coins
Golden Dawn (1888)The Lord of Material Works
Papus (1892)Three of Pentacles
Rider-Waite (1910)Three of Pentacles
Thoth (1943)Three of Disks
3 of Pentacles yes or no

Significations of The Three of Pentacles

  • Realization of the commencement of fortune. A small sum.

-Tarot of The Bohemians by Papus (1892)

Three of Pentacles Symbolism

Upright: Nobility, Elevation, Dignity, Rank, Power.
Reversed: Children, Sons, Daughters, Youths, Commencement.

-The Tarot by S.L. MacGregor Mathers (1888)

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The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Three of Pentacles - The Illustrated Key to the Tarot published 1918, public domain
Three of Pentacles – The Illustrated Key to the Tarot published 1918, public domain

This guide by Arthur Edward Waite, the designer of the most widely known Tarot deck and distinguished scholar of the Kabbalah, is the essential Tarot reference. The pictorial key contains a detailed description of each card in the celebrated 78-card Rider-Waite Tarot deck, along with regular and reversed meanings. Contents describe symbols and secret tradition, ancient Celtic methods of divination, and wonderful illustrations of each Tarot card. This book is the perfect complement to old-style fortune telling and also serves to make the Tarot entirely accessible to modern-day readers. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot is the classic guide to the Rider-Waite deck and to Tarot symbolism in general.

Rackham Tarot

Three of Pentacles - Rackham Tarot by Arthur Rackham ©2019 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. All rights reserved, used by permission
Three of Pentacles – Rackham Tarot by Arthur Rackham ©2019 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. All rights reserved, used by permission

The Rackham Tarot was created by one of the most celebrated artists of the early twentieth century. The ethereal paintings and illustrations of Arthur Rackham bring viewers into the magical land of faery, evoking the sense that we are surrounded by enchanting creatures at all times of the day. This breathtaking tarot deck features the most stunning illustrations from Rackham’s body of work, inviting you to make a whimsical journey into the realm of the wee folk where unexpected insights and inspiration await.

Golden Tarot of Klimt

Three of Pentacles - Golden Tarot of Klimt by Lo Scarabeo © 2005 Lo Scarabeo srl. All rights reserved, used by permission.
Three of Pentacles – Golden Tarot of Klimt by Lo Scarabeo © 2005 Lo Scarabeo srl. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Inspired by this modern master, the Golden Tarot of Klimt is teeming with impressions, stamped in gold, that recount love, death, sensuality, and regeneration.

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