Labradorite: Uses, Healing Properties, and Metaphysical Meaning

Labradorite Stone Metaphysical Properties

Meaning of Labradorite

Labradorite has an otherworldly beauty shrouded in mystery. Born from the magic of the Northern Lights, this crystal slowly reveals a shimmer of secrets hidden beneath the deep hues of a night sky. This mineral brings clarity and understanding of the universal dynamics at play within the cycle of life and death. Labradorite represents your cosmic origin, pure potential, and the source of all creation. This crystal has a deep connection to esoteric wisdom and the realm of the unseen.

Labradorite is a stone of mysticism and magic. The shifting of light and color within this stone represents the shaman’s ability to intuitively harness and guide the elements. This crystal forms an energetic bridge between the natural world and the spirit world. The unique qualities of Labradorite create a powerful gateway, allowing us to access to manifest this universal energy on the physical plane.

can labradorite get wet
Labradorite from Madagascar, photographed by Stowarzyszenie Spirifer, edited by Mystic Doorway (CCBY-SA)

Labradorite Symbolism

Tarot CorrespondenceWheel of Fortune (X), The Hanged Man (XII), The Moon (XVII), Temperance (XIV), Judgement (XX), The High Priestess (II), The Chariot (VII), The Hermit (IX), Queen of Wands, King of Wands, Ace of Cups, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups, Page of Cups, King of Cups, Ace of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, Page of Swords, Queen of Pentacles
Jungian ArchetypeThe Sage (positive), the Intellectual (negative)
Pythagorean Numerical Vibration6
Nature of EnergyReceptive, Feminine, Yin
Intention“I See”

What are the healing properties of Labradorite?

Let’s explore the properties of Labradorite and how it can be used for well-being, healing and transformation. Crystals and gemstones are not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment. That being said, spiritual health is a vital component of a truly holistic approach to well-being. Proper energy alignment aids the body’s healing process and allows traditional medicine to work more effectively. The power of meditation to reduce stress and improve overall health is now widely recognized. Crystals and gemstones are meaningful tools for focusing your healing power of intention.

labradorite physical properties
Aurora Borealis, Oil on Canvas, by Frederic Edwin Church, 1865

Physical Healing Properties of Labradorite

Although Labradorite is connected to mysticism and transcendence, this stone has a deeply stabilizing effect on the body. This crystal is associated with the endocrine system, the eyes, throat and sense of hearing. Labradorite is also believed to aid in the regulation of basic body functions such as your circadian rhythm, appetite, and body temperature. This stone is said to reveal behavioral patterns that are causing harm to the body, allowing you to make healthier choices moving forward.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite guides you toward a deeper understanding of the relationship you have formed with your inner self. This stone allows you to recognize the connection between habitual emotional states and your unconscious self-talk and belief patterns. Stress will be replaced with a sense of peace as you replace old narratives with positive core beliefs. Labradorite reminds you that you create your own reality and your happiness is intrinsically linked to treating yourself with kindness.

Labradorite Stone Metaphysical Properties

Labradorite can be used as a powerful tool to reveal hidden truths within yourself and the universe. The gentle guidance of the moon makes this crystal an ideal companion for shadow work. Allow yourself to break unconscious cycles and destructive life patterns by incorporating this gemstone into your daily ritual and meditation.

labradorite with purple
Labradorite With Rare Colours photographed by Awiejekeal (CCBY-SA)

White Labradorite can help draw out distorted beliefs into the light where they can be understood and then released. The Metaphysical Properties of White Labradorite can be used to amplify healing energy during Reiki sessions, which assists in all forms of spiritual transformation.

The journey of gemstones and crystals are a metaphor for transfiguration, their life cycle mirrors mankind’s spiritual evolution. Whether these stones travel through the darkness of space toward a distant star or slowly make their way from deep within the earth, we are reminded of our own call to ascension. Crystals and gemstones are a perfect companion on your spiritual path toward light, universal love, and a profound sense of connection to all that is.

Magical Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite is referred to as the “The Shaman’s Stone” and is deeply connected to the mystical arts. Labradorite has a powerful ability to transform, strengthen, and manifest. This crystal allows a deeper understanding and sensitivity to the subtle magic that binds all things together. Not only can Labradorite be used to amplify intention, it can also act as a barrier filter in protective amulets and talisman.

labradorite metaphysical uses

Labradorite is believed to have a unique ability to pierce the veil between the physical and spiritual planes of existence. This stone can be used to facilitate communion with ancestral spirits and loved ones who are no longer in the worldly realm. Similar to the mineral, Olivine, Labradorite can also be used in death rituals to prepare the body and soul for ascension. This ethereal stone honors the Welsh Goddess of prophecy and dreams, Arianrhod, whose home is the Aurora Borealis. The northern lights are the place where souls reside as they wait to be born once again.

Labradorite has a unique ability to transform, strengthen, and manifest making it an ideal tool to amplify your magical power. Gemstones and crystals have long been considered ideal instruments for energy work and focused intention. Finding a stone that will compliment your work in a specific area is an integral part of manifesting the energy you intend to harness. The right gemstone or crystal can play an important role in amplifying and recalibrating the energy in your environment as well as the energy within.

labradorite symbolism
BirthstoneJune (White Labradorite a.k.a. Rainbow Moonstone)
Birth Month Sun SignsGemini, Cancer (White Labradorite a.k.a. Rainbow Moonstone)
Anniversary3rd (White Labradorite a.k.a. Rainbow Moonstone)
Primary ChakraThird Eye
Secondary ChakraThroat, Crown, Soul Star, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Root, Earth Star
Chakra SenseIntuition, Hearing, Thought, Taste, Sight, Touch, Smell
Primary Chakra Astrological CorrespondenceNeptune, Moon, Sagittarius, Pisces
Secondary Chakra Astrological CorrespondenceMercury, Gemini, Virgo, The Universe, Aquarius, Moon, Jupiter, Cancer, Scorpio, Sun, Mars, Leo, Aries, Venus, Libra, Taurus, Earth, Saturn, Capricorn
Chakra ElementLight, Aether / Akasha
Metaphysical PropertiesIntuition, Sense of Purpose, Enthusiasm About the Future, Identifying Internal and External Patterns, Identifying Connections Between People Situations and Events, Divination, Creative Problem Solving, Visualization, New Possibilities, New Possible Outcomes, Clarity, Focus, Imagination

What Chakra Is Labradorite Associated With?

This stone assists you on your spiritual journey by calling on the the energies of your Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. These three energy centers are responsible for manifesting, seeing past the veil of the physical world, and connecting directly to cosmic energy. The natural bridge, created by Labradorite, between the physical and metaphysical, make this crystal is the perfect companion for mediation and energy work,

what chakra is labradorite associated with
Labradorite crystal, polished on one side by Linas Juozėnas (CCBY-SA)

Labradorite has the unique ability to activate all of the colors within your energetic system. This simultaneous connection between all chakras can also be referred to as a “Rainbow Bridge”. The spectral quality of this crystal naturally clears blockages between all chakras and allows energy to flow freely from the primal earth, through us, into cosmic consciousness.

Deep blue Labradorite is associated with the third eye chakra. The chakra is believed to allow you to see beyond the limitations of the physical world and connect to mysticism and divine sight. Cyan-blue Labradorite is tied to the Throat Chakra and will encourage you to speak your truth. Labradorite with a great deal of orange color will activate the creative energy of the sacrum, making it ideal for harnessing healing energy.

Ritual & Meditation with Labradorite

Wear Labradorite to awaken psychic energy and magic during dark moon rituals. The brilliant colors hiding just beneath this stone’s surface represent the last sliver of light in the night sky. This is a time for reflection, soul searching, and renewal. This versatile crystal can be worn to multiply your energy through adding wisdom from the spiritual realm.

labradorite stone uses

There are many practices that will draw on the power of labradorite for creation and fertility. Try sewing a small piece of White Labradorite into an article of clothing when trying to conceive. Finnish tradition honors the life-giving power of this stone by performing a sowing ritual in which this crystal is buried alongside their crops as an offering to the spirits of the land. This was done in an act of gratitude for a prosperous harvest to come.

Use Labradorite to amplify your inner magic when practicing any form of intention work. Try experimenting with different uses for this crystal in your ritual life. Place a piece of Labradorite in your pillow to encourage lucid dreaming. Wear a Labradorite bracelet, to amplify your intention while drawing reiki symbols and magical sigils. This beautiful stone can also be incorporated in your next Crystal Grid for reflection, transformation, or manifesting.

Labradorite and The Tarot

Tarot is a rich tool for introspection and channeling the power of intuition. Labradorite is associated with several tarot cards of the Major Arcana. Exploring the meaning of these archetypes will add depth to your understanding of Labradorite and how it can be used to influence subtle energy in different areas of your life. This stone corresponds to three primary Major Arcana cards: Wheel of Fortune (X), The Hanged Man (XII), and The Moon (XVIII).

Labradorite and the tarot

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card symbolizes change, life cycles, karma, and evolution. This card appears when you are at a pivotal turning point in life.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents Pause, surrender, letting go, and new perspectives. This card announces that something new is emerging, and you will only be able to read the signs ahead by pausing, sitting with the unknown, and letting go. Allow clarity to come on it’s own.

The Moon

The Moon card is linked to the subconscious, anxiety and intuition. In times of uncertainty, it is easy to project fear into the vision of your future based on negative past events. Turn away from negative self-talk and turn toward inner guidance. This card asks you to trust your intuition over your thoughts in times of uncertainty.

Additional Tarot Cards for Labradorite

Other Tarot cards linked to Labradorite are Temperance (XIV), Judgement (XX), The High Priestess (II), and The Chariot (VII), Queen of Wands, King of Wands, Ace of Cups, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups, Page of Cups, King of Cups, Ace of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, Page of Swords, and Queen of Pentacles

How is Labradorite formed?
Anorthosite with Labradorite By James St. John, edited by Mystic Doorway (CC0)

How is Labradorite formed?

Labradorites, Sunstones, and Moonstones belong to the feldspar group of minerals. This gemstone is considered a plagioclase and is a member of the sodium-calcium plagioclase feldspar series. In order to achieve labradorescence, the calcium end-member, Anorthite, must mix with the sodium end-member in this series, Albite. 

These two minerals intermingle as they begin their dance to the earth’s surface. As the crystal begins to cool, the layers separate into stacked, alternating layers. When light enters the stone, it becomes scattered and bounces back and forth between the layers before it exits as the rainbow flash and fire known as labradorescence. Dark Labradorite with an intense labradorescence is sometimes referred to as “Spectrolite”.

White Labradorite Vs Rainbow Moonstone Vs Moonstone
White Labradorite (Rainbow Moonstone) Ring (CC0)

White Labradorite Vs Rainbow Moonstone Vs Moonstone

“Moonstone” is a term which is now pervasively used to refer to both traditional fine moonstone as well as rainbow moonstone. You may be surprised to find out these are actually two different stones. Traditional Moonstone is an orthoclase feldspar and is quite rare. As traditional moonstone became more difficult to find, jewelers began using a feldspar cousin with a similar appearance. Most modern moonstone is made from a plagioclase feldspar, which is much more accessible. Plagioclase, a transparent or white form of Labradorite, is referred to as “Rainbow moonstone” within the gem trade.

In the process of searching for the origin of any stone, we often unravel a much larger narrative about our natural relationship with the treasures of this physical world and how we choose to use them for metaphysical connection & understanding. It’s important to remember that manifesting your intention and connecting with your stone is more about you than it is about the material and origin of the stone itself. Although crystals and stones can be meaningful conduits of energy, it is your own wellspring of power that fuels any magical tool.

Labradorite Physical Properties

OriginCanada, Finland, Madagascar, Russia, India, United States, Mexico, Myanmar, Meteorite
Chemical Composition(Na,Ca)(Al,Si)4O8 with Na (30-50%) and Ca (70-50%)
Mineral CategorySilicate
Mineral GroupFeldspar
Mineral SubgroupAlkali Feldspar
Crystal SystemTriclinic
Specific Gravity2.68 to 2.72
Refractive Index1.554 to 1.573
Birefringence0.007 to 0.011
Hardness6 – 6.5
CleavageTwo directions of perfect cleavage intersecting at about 86 degrees
ColorClear, white, or gray in reflected light. Labradorescent colors can include blue, green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, and purple
LusterVitreous, Pearly on cleavage faces
DiaphaneityTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Related toSpectrolite, Rainbow Moonstone, Albite, Andesine, Lynx Eye, Sunstone, Oregon Sunstone, Moonstone, Anorthite, Bytownite, Oligoclase, Anorthosite, Black Moonstone, Carnatite, Labrador Feldspar, Labrador Moonstone, Opal, Opaline Feldspar, Silicite, Calcic plagioclase
Definition of Labradorite
A cut and polished sample of Labradorite by UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences ℅ Mary Hinkley, edited by Mystic Doorway (CC0)

Definition of Labradorite

lab·​ra·​dor·​ite (ˈla-brə-ˌdȯr-ˌīt)
noun: labradorite
plural noun: labradorites
definition: an iridescent feldspar mineral of the plagioclase group, used especially in jewelry
origin: 1805-15, Named after the Labrador Peninsula in Canada
where it was first discovered

The current definition of this stone is important because the names and origin of stones change throughout the ages. Once upon a time, stones were broadly grouped based solely on color or appearance. For instance, a wide variety of stones throughout history have been referred to as “Topaz“, a name given to any stone with a yellowish flash or fire. In modern times, gemstones may be given different names to associate them with related stones or to increase their perceived value. For example, “Rainbow Moonstone” is actually not fine moonstone, but instead, a white variety of Labradorite.

Labradorite Pronunciation

How do you pronounce the name of this spectral beauty? Often the American preference is “LAB-ruh-daw-rahyt” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Alternately, the British pronunciation tends to be “lab-ruh-DAWR-ahyt” with the emphasis on the third syllable. Both pronunciations are correct.

labradorite pronunciation

Sacred Stories, Myth, and Legend of Labradorite

The Welsh Goddess, Arianrhod, is not the only connection between Labradorite and the Northern Lights. Innu (Montagnais-Naskapis) tribal legend also believes this crystal to be born from the brilliance of the Aurora Borealis. The signature labradorescence is a reflection of the polar lights that have frozen and fallen to earth becoming trapped within the rocks of the Labrador Peninsula.

Labradorite is also associated with the Bifrost Bridge in Norse mythology. Bifrost is the burning rainbow bridge that connects Midgard (the realm of men) to Asgard (the realm of the gods). Throughout history, this crystal has left a trail of similar stories in it’s wake. It seems Labradorite has long been recognized as a stone that opens a gateway between this world and the next.

Labradorite is also associated with the Bifrost Bridge in Norse mythology.

Can Labradorite Get Wet?

Limited exposure to water should not harm your Labradorite stone. Immersion for long periods of time in freshwater or saltwater will, eventually, cause damage to your stone. Labradorite that has had repeated and prolonged exposure to water will gradually become dull, fragile, and rough to the touch. Getting your Labradorite wet during the cleansing process is fine. Simply pat dry with a soft cloth and avoid leaving your crystal submerged in water.

How to Cleanse Labradorite

It’s important to avoid exposing your gemstone to any cosmetic products such as makeup, moisturizer, and hairspray. These products can permanently affect luster and dull the sheen of any gemstone or crystal. It’s best to adorn yourself with gemstone jewelry as the finishing touch of your daily ritual. Labradorite is too delicate to be subjected to ultrasonic cleaning. Similarly, steam cleaning is not recommended. Extreme or sudden changes in heat can cause this gem to fracture and cause permanent damage. Warm soapy water and a soft brush is the safest way to physically clean your Labradorite gemstone. When in doubt, the International Gem Society is a wonderful resource for the care and cleaning of your gemstone.

how to cleanse labradorite
Labradorite from Madagascar by Awiejekeal edited by Mystic Doorway (CCBY-SA)

Can Labradorite Be In the Sun?

Yes, Labradorite can be in the sun. This crystal is relatively resistant to damage from the sun.. Gently cleanse your Labradorite and let it dry and recharge in a bath of sunlight.  Feel free to wear this spectral beauty outside on bright days. But take care not to leave the stone in direct sunlight for days or weeks. The sun is an incredibly powerful energy source and eventually has an effect on everything that it touches.

How to Charge Labradorite

Energetically cleansing your gemstone ensures that all of its unique properties will remain intact. It is essential to periodically release any energetic impurities that may have been absorbed by your gemstone. Labradorite is a softer gem that cleaves easily and care must be taken with this stone. The best way to renew your Labradorite is by smudging the stone or burying it beneath the earth overnight. Rinse with gentle soap and water. Recharge your Labradorite on a Selenite plate during a waning moon or set your Labradorite outside during a waxing moon. Allowing Labradorite to be bathed overnight under full moon light is also an ideal way to recharge the energy manifested by this gemstone crystal.

Create a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is an act of creation and a form of artful meditation. Ancient cultures have long called on the power of crystals and stones to amplify cosmic energy. Throughout history, sacred geometry has been used to create a magical framework in which to shape this energy. A crystal grid is a marriage of these two elements, creating a beautiful method of manifesting dreams, goals, and desires. This ritual art form allows you to focus, amplify your intention, and consciously direct the flow of energy that runs through all things. Crystal grids can be used in healing, meditation, ritual work, and manifesting. Learn how to create your own crystal grid here.

Bring the Wisdom of Crystals and Stones Into Your Life

Labradorite is effective in amplifying myriad vital physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. This stone can be used alongside other gemstones and crystals in metaphysical work. Learn more about the the energetic offerings of the mineral kingdom with these selections.

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How Will You Harness The Transformative Power of Labradorite?

We invite you to walk into a cosmic narrative in which we are all a unique element in each other’s story. Humanity has long used sacred tools for awakening the soul and illuminating our path toward enlightenment. Gemstones and crystals are simply instruments. They amplify your own intrinsic power to manifest your highest truth.

What aspects of Labradorite can serve you as you walk through your own Mystic Doorway?

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