Olivine: Uses, Healing Properties, and Metaphysical Meaning

Olivine Meaning

Olivine Meaning

The deep green of Olivine reminds us to connect with the natural world and embrace growth without attachment. Olivine’s unique ability to shine brightly, even in the moonlight, is a beautiful metaphor for the ability to persevere in life’s darkest moments. This stone allows you to remember your intrinsic value and offers you courage as you await the dawn.

Olivine asks you to let go of what no longer serves you in order to achieve a higher version of yourself. This unique gem is tied to the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus. Both of which play a key role in your relationships with others as well as your inner self. Let’s dive into the variety of ways Olivine healing properties can be used in metaphysical work.

Uses of Olivine
Forsterite – Photo by Saphira Minerals

Olivine Symbolism

Tarot CorrespondenceThe Sun (XIX), Strength (VIII), Judgement (XX), The Emperor (IV), The Tower (XVI), Death (XIII), The Fool (0), Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, 4 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 7 of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands, Ace of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles
Jungian ArchetypeThe Warrior, The Servant
Pythagorean Numerical Vibration 5
Nature of EnergyProjective, Masculine, Yang
Intention“I Can”

Tarot is a rich tool for introspection and channeling the power of intuition. Olivine is associated with several tarot cards of the Major Arcana. Exploring the meaning of these archetypes will add depth to your understanding of Olivine and how it can be used to influence subtle energy in different areas of your life. Olivine corresponds to three primary Major Arcana cards: The Sun (XIX), Strength (VIII), and Death (XIII)

Olivine Tarot Correspondence

The Sun

The Sun card symbolizes warmth, vitality and your inner child. This card appears when it’s time to embrace the source of all vital life and recognize that same radiant energy within yourself. This card also reminds you to connect to the warmth and playfulness associated with childhood.


The Strength card represents inner strength, determination, and personal power. This card calls out your inner strength and courage in times of adversity or self doubt. It acknowledges your inherent self-worth and gently reminds you to resist taking action from a place of fear or anger.


The Death card is a symbol of endings, rebirth, and transition. The thirteenth card of the major arcana comes at the end of one life phase and marks the beginning of another. This is a time of meaningful transformation. It’s natural to feel a swell of emotion as certain aspects of your life come to an end. Before turning the page, take time to pay respect to the passing of an era. Then, welcome the emerging change and look forward with hope and trust as you walk into the next phase of your life.

Additional Tarot Cards For Olivine

Other Tarot cards linked to Olivine are The Emperor (IV), Judgement (XX), The Tower (XVI), The Fool (0), Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, 4 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 7 of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands, Ace of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, and Knight of Pentacles

Birthstone of Leo
Constellation of Leo by GamOl (CC0)

Olivine is the Birthstone of August

Gem quality Olivine is referred to as Peridot, which is the birthstone of August. By its very nature, Peridot seems to worship the bright light of summer. Olivine Peridot is the Zodiac Birthstone of Leo and Virgo. Additionally, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius can all benefit from the properties of this gemstone.

Leo personalities are known for their intense loyalty and seem to radiate warmth and love with people to whom they are bonded. Their unparalleled charisma makes them a natural leader and people often feel protected by the Leo in their life. Those born under the sign of Leo may also struggle with impatience, jealousy and possessiveness. These emotions, left unchecked, can turn into power struggles and give rise to outbursts of anger. Peridot can help bring Leo’s heart back to a place of trust and temperance.

Birthstone of Virgo
Constellation of Virgo by GamOl (CC0)

Virgos are known for being expert advisors and their analytical nature leads them to be quick problem solvers. Hardworking and methodical are attributes that describe this particular sign. An inability to set their work down and relax can often be the very reason they may be praised in the workplace. Unfortunately, this trait can also lead to being blamed for not prioritizing loved ones over work. Those born under this sun sign may struggle with self criticism and often worry about events they may have little to no control over. Olivine Peridot can help Virgo break negative cycles and patterns while elevating self-worth.

According to Chinese astrology, Olivine Peridot is considered the birthstone belonging to the Year of the Monkey. Endowed with naturally high intelligence, those born in this year often receive a great deal of professional recognition and praise. It’s understandable that this zodiac sign may become overly competitive and find that they struggle with issues surrounding jealousy and ego. Peridot’s unique properties are well-suited to and build strong relationships by balancing the fierce emotions associated with the year of the monkey.

Properties of Olivine

Let’s explore the properties of Olivine and how it can be used for well-being, healing and transformation. Crystals and gemstones are not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment. That being said, spiritual health is a vital component of a truly holistic approach to well-being. Proper energy alignment aids the body’s healing process and allows traditional medicine to work more effectively. The power of meditation to reduce stress and improve overall health is now widely recognized. Crystals and gemstones are meaningful tools for focusing your healing power of intention. Learn more about how can you apply Olivine Healing Properties.

What is Olivine
Forsterite Olivine By Rob Lavinsky (CCBY-SA)

Physical Healing Properties of Olivine

Olivine is a powerful cleanser. In fact, Olivine is used to remove impurities from steel and is equally ideal for removing energetic impurities that may adversely affect the body’s immune health, metabolism and digestive function. This stone can help detoxification when giving up substance addiction as well as bolster willpower to overcome the kind of recurrent thought patterns that often arise when trying to disengage from destructive life patterns.

Olivine is a perfect companion whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, preparing to adopt or anytime you begin the process of nurturing a new life in your care. As a birthing aid, Olivine Peridot is believed to increase your connection to your child during the birthing process and minimize the pain of delivery.

Natural Healers use Olivine to surround the body in a protective shield and provide healing to cleanse and stimulate the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, meaning that all ailments associated with these chakras will naturally benefit from the use of this stone. Olivine healing properties neutralize nervous energy and protects against anxiety and stress, both of which are tied to liver and adrenal function.

Metaphysical Properties of Olivine
Photograph by Jeremy Bishop (CC0)

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Olivine

Olivine is a powerful tool for emotional release and a valuable stone for those working towards healing old emotional wounds. This is incredibly important for those who are struggling to overcome deep-rooted trauma. Olivine healing properties can help break negative cycles and thoughts. This stone can be a companion to those beginning the journey of building a new narrative. As you write the next chapter of your life, Olivine gives you the courage to honor your shadow as you move into the light.

Metaphysical Properties of Olivine

Olivine has historically been used as a ward against darkness and can be used for psychic protection against negativity. Although Olivine is a wonderfully grounding stone, it can also be used in a space of trust to open you up to divine energy and love. The Metaphysical Properties of Olivine will amplify energies in Reiki sessions and assist in all forms of spiritual transformation. Benefit from the renewing properties of Olivine when practicing any form of energy work. This stone can also be incorporated in your next Crystal Grid for reflection, transformation, or manifesting.

Properties of Olivine

(In the form of Olivine Peridot)

Birth Month Sun SignsLeo, Virgo
Primary Chakra Solar Plexus
Secondary ChakraHeart, Earth Star
Chakra SenseSight, Touch, Smell
Primary Chakra Astrological CorrespondenceSun, Mars, Leo, Aries
Secondary Chakra Astrological CorrespondenceVenus, Libra, Taurus
Chakra ElementFire, Air
Metaphysical PropertiesPurification, Rebirth, Renewal, Relationships, Vision, Sight, Mental Stimulation, Stress Relief, Success, Travel Guidance, Travel Protection, Travel Inspiration, Wealth, Protection, Growth, Relaxation, Healing, Rebirth, Intuition, Wards off Evil, Renewal, Purification, Wealth, Relationships, Breaking Negative Cycles, Positive Manifestation, Abundance, Beginnings, Calm, Coping with Change, Balance Emotions, Energy, Overcome Fear, Grounding, Inspiration, Light, Magic, Money, Banish Negativity, Avert Negative Energy, Release Negative Energy, Prevent Nightmares, Overcome Obstacles, Promote Peace, Harness Power, Prophecy, Prosperity, Well Being, Strength
Properties of Olivine
Olivine Forsterite Crystal (CC0)

Olivine begins its life cycle in a molten state, crystallizing as it emerges from the earth. This gemstone seems to personify the strength required to simply begin the challenging process of transformation and healing. Olivine is believed to be among the six minerals required for the emergence of life in the universe, making Olivine a perfect representation of birth, rebirth, and transformation.

The Journey of gemstones and crystals are a metaphor for transfiguration. Their lives often mirror mankind’s spiritual evolution. Whether these stones travel through the darkness of space toward a distant star or slowly make their way from deep within the earth, we are reminded of our own call to ascension. Crystals and gemstones are a perfect companion on your spiritual path toward light, universal love, and a profound connection to all that is.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Olivine in Pallasite Meteorites

Pallasite, which is a meteorite composed of metallic iron and Olivine, is an incredibly grounding stone. Olivine meteorites stabilize emotions and will assist you as you process the pain of losing a loved one and struggle to overcome grief. Pallasite is also helpful for protecting the psychic space of those that are easily affected by the energy of others.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Olivine in Pallasite Meteorites
Pallasite (Esquel Meteorite) by James St. John (CCBY)

These particular meteorites cultivate the process of renewal, rebirth and growth. More so, this incredible stone can ease fears during any major life transition. Including life’s greatest transitions through the process of death. Pallasite forges a powerful connection with the universe leading to a profound sense of oneness and deep connection with all that is.

Olivine meteorite is a powerful tool for expanding your awareness and connecting with other realms. They are often used in meditation and are said to calm the fear of flying and heights. If you travel often, try bringing this stone on your next flight. In fact, all modes of travel can benefit from the strength of Pallasite Olivine. For the spiritually adventurous, this includes Astral Travel. Pallasite acknowledges that travelling through the unknown can be a powerful and positive experience. This is an especially reassuring message for people suffering from anxiety disorders, such as agoraphobia.

Olivine Pallasite Meteorite
Close-up of green sand from Mahana Beach on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi – Tom Trower, NASA Ames Research Center (CC0)

Olivine healing properties are believed to ease many physical, emotional and psychological conditions. In fact, gemstones and crystals have long been considered among the most ideal instruments for energy work and focused intention. Finding a stone that will compliment your work in a specific area is an integral part of manifesting the energy you intend to harness. The right gemstone or crystal can play an important role in amplifying and recalibrating the energy in your environment as well as the energy within.

Olivine and Chakras

The Manipura Chakra is your third primary chakra and is responsible for your ability to pursue life as the most authentic version of yourself. Your Solar Plexus is the seat of uncertainty and doubt. Because Olivine wards off negativity, it works synergistically with the chakra that is responsible for your instinctive “gut feeling” about a given situation. This stone asks you to trust your intuition.

Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala
Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala. Used with Permission by Artist, Laurel Virtues Wauters

The Anahata Chakra is your fourth primary chakra and is also referred to as the Heart Chakra. The energy of Olivine will signal your Heart Chakra to restore the balance between body, heart, and mind. Because your Heart Chakra is where trust lives, it makes sense that this is also the chakra that governs transformation and change. It is quite difficult to enter into the unknown without a deep sense that everything will unfold as it should. Olivine embodies this necessary trust and is a catalyst, allowing the process of transformation and healing to begin.

Uses of Olivine

There are many ways for you to bring the benefits of Olivine into your everyday life. Use this gemstone to strengthen relationships, create sacred space in your home, and increase harmony in your workplace. Here’s a few ideas to get started!

Using Olivine in Your Relationships

Olivine represents the power of creation and co-creation. This gemstone is used to harness the life-giving power each of us carries within. A deep connection with our highest self and our partner is what allows us to direct this divine energy and become conscious co-creators. An Olivine pendant, worn over your heart chakra, can be a wonderful way to remain conscious of fully connecting with your co-creator.

Are you focusing on bringing a new child into your life? Olivine, “the life-bringer”, will strengthen your bond on the journey ahead. Perhaps you and your partner are not focused on children and have a desire to channel creative energy in a different way. There are many ways to use the sacred energy of co-creation. No matter which path you take, Olivine offers the gift of nurturing all creative endeavors.

What are the healing properties of Olivine?

Using Olivine in Your Home

Olivine can be placed in the home and is used effectively in Feng Shui by creating “Mu” or wood energy responsible for wealth, new ideas, growth, and protection. Green is seen as a color of abundance. Place a wooden bowl full of Olivine sand in your home to promote positivity and bring a sense of peace.

If you have a creative space like home office, music or art studio, Olivine can be a wonderful catalyst, fueling creativity. Place a piece of Olivine matrix on the sill of an east facing window. Because of Olivine Peridot’s relationship to the sun, this will help keep this stone refreshed and recharged.

Using Olivine in Your Workplace

Olivine repels negativity and can smooth turbulent interaction with coworkers. This gemstone attracts business and is particularly effective as a luck and money charm. Olivine will help you creatively solve problems and remove barriers to success in the workplace. Wear Olivine to work in order to attract greater opportunities for advancement.

History of Olivine
Photo by Mostafa El Shershaby (CC0)

History of Olivine

Olivine is as old as time, however, our knowledge of this gem is still unfolding to this day. Gem quality Olivine Peridot was prized by Egyptian kings and was referred to as “Chrysolite” in biblical times. By Contrast, a new variety of Olivine was only just discovered in Sri Lanka. In 1998, the Gemological Institute of America issued their official report recognizing Dunilite as a new variety of Olivine.

There many historical uses for Olivine. This dynamic gemstone has been used by Aztecs, Incas, and Egyptians to gently cleanse and heal. In ancient Roman times, Olivine healing properties were harnessed in the form of wearing a ring to raise the spirits of those suffering from depression. A testament to Olivine’s power of purification can be found in its use by metalworkers to remove impurities from steel. Olivine sand is used to cast objects in aluminum. Gently changing the metal from one form to another. This gemstone will assist those looking to reshape themselves through spiritual alchemy.

Sacred Stories, Myth, and Legend of Olivine

The picture below shows an artist’s depiction of the incredible moment NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope detected tiny green crystals raining down on a developing star. Scientists believe these crystals to be Olivine. This “crystal rain” is believed to be responsible for sowing the seeds of new planets! This is truly a gemstone with a deep connection to the powers of birth, rebirth, and catalyzing new life in all forms.

Sacred Stories, Myth, and Legend of Olivine
This artist concept shows microscopic crystals in the dusty disk surrounding a brown dwarf, or failed star. The crystals, made up of a green mineral found on Earth called olivine, are thought to help seed the formation of planets. Photo Courtesy of NASA (CC0)

Olivine Peridot has been respected as an effective stone of protection by many cultures throughout history. Prized by Ancient Egyptians, this gemstone is said to invoke the power of the sun and banish darkness. Zerbiget Island, in the Red Sea, is believed to be the first discovered source of Peridot. This island is home to three masses of Peridotite, an Igneous rock containing Peridot in the form of Olivine.

Ritual and Meditation with Olivine

There are many rituals and meditations in which Olivine can amplify the power of your focused intention. Here are a few examples of the type of meditations and rituals that are perfectly paired with this gemstone.

Pregnancy, Birth, Adoption, and Parenthood

Olivine is considered an essential component for the creation of life. This gemstone makes the ideal companion for any meditation or ritual surrounding the emergence of life. Embrace the energy of Olivine when you are trying to conceive, pregnant, preparing to adopt or anytime you begin a journey of nurturing and caring for a new life.

Rebirth and Transformation

Olivine Peridot has often been linked to the way life seems to unravel when it is time for a great transformation. The cycles of life, creation and destruction, are two sides of the same coin. Olivine can help you remain calm amid the chaos. This gemstone allows you to honor the destruction of old ideas and ways of being in order to awaken to your higher self. Without clearing a path, by removing what no longer serves us, there is no space for higher understanding. Olivine guides you toward a place of growth and new beginnings.

Ritual and Meditation with Olivine
Peridot necklace Photographed by LUM3N (CC0)

What is Olivine?

Olivine is the name of a group of rock-forming minerals that are typically found in the igneous rocks of the earth’s mantle and, extraterrestrially, in meteorites. Gem-quality Olivine is called Peridot and mined, primarily, in Pakistan, Myanmar, and the United States. Typically olive green in color, Olivine can vary along the spectrum. Yellow-green, bright green, brownish-green, and even brown are common variations of this mineral. This gemstone ranges from transparent to translucent, and has many fractures.

Origin of Olivine

Pronunciation ˈä-lə-ˌvēn
OriginMeteorites, Egypt, Myanmar, Pakistan, Austria, France, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, South Africa, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Guam, Vietnam, Galapagos Islands, Spain, Tanzania, United States, Hawaii
Chemical Composition(MgFe)2SiO4
Mineral CategoryNesosilicate
Mineral GroupOlivine
Mineral SubgroupForsterite
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Specific Gravity3.22 – 3.45, increases with iron content
Refractive Index1.65 – 1.69, increases with iron content
BirefringenceStrong, (0.035 – 0.038)
Hardness6.5 – 7, increases with magnesium content
CleavagePoor on {010} and {110}, {010} cleavage improves with increasing iron content
ColorPale yellow-green to yellow/pale yellow-green to yellow/yellow to yellow-orange
LusterVitreous to Oily
DiaphaneityTransparent to Translucent
Related toPeridot, Chrysolite, Forsterite, Fayalite, Dunilite, Peridotite, Serpentine, Dolomite Marble, Ahrensite, Asimowite, Poirierite, Ringwoodite, Wadsleyite, Pallasite, Hawaiite, Meteorite

Olivine Types and Physical Properties

The name “Olivine” is a magnesium iron silicate and serves as a kind of umbrella term for a variety of mineral compositions. The Olivine group (Mg,Fe)2SiO4, is a group of igneous minerals. We will be exploring three of these variations, “Forsterite”, “Fayalite”, and “Dunilite.” As well as Olivine’s relationship to the birthstone Peridot.

Olivine is an easy catch-all for this family because they are incredibly similar in their make up. In fact, detailed testing and chemical analysis is needed to properly determine the dominance of Iron or magnesium. Olive green is the most common, although the color of Olivine ranges in color from clear through to dark brown. Below is a breakdown of the most common types of Olivine minerals.

Pele's Tears
Green Sand Beach by David J Laporte (CCBY)

Basaltic lava can contain crystals of Olivine and these are among the first crystals to form as magma cools. Formed deep within the volcano, these crystals become embedded in the rock as it emerges. This process creates a beautiful interplay. The dark lava rock showcases the brilliance of the delicate Olivine Peridot it carries within it’s rough exterior.

Even more impressive, the erosion of olivine from the enclosing volcanic cone produces a natural marvel. Green sand can only be found on four beaches in the world; Hawaii, Guam, Galapagos Islands, and Norway. Olivine is also known as “Hawaiian Diamond” and is found on the shores of Papakōlea Beach.

Olivine has been identified in a large number of meteorites. Pallasite Meteorites are a rare type of meteorite that consists of pieces of asteroids that have broken off by impact before they have had a chance to become fully formed. Pallasite contains Olivine inclusions and are a stunning combination of stone & metallic material.

Types of Olivine
Olivine Peridot Gemstone (CC0)

Olivine is also known as the mineral responsible for the gemstone “Peridot.” The most valuable colors of Peridot are dark olive green and a bright lime green. These colors are found within the forsterite variation of Olivine. This stone can be found in the metamorphic rock formations of Serpentine and Dolomite, or more specifically, dolomitic marble. Olivine in some form or another seems to be found all over the world. Below is a breakdown of the most common types of Olivine minerals.


Forsterite Olivine is the magnesium-heavy variety of Olivine. The Forsterite chemical formula is Mg2SiO4; commonly abbreviated as Fo. Forsterite is present within igneous and metamorphic rocks and has also been found in meteorites and even as tiny crystals floating in the dusty clouds of gas around forming stars. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and is a polymorph of Poirierite, Ringwoodite, and Wadsleyite. Forsterite is yellow to yellow-green in color. It should come as no surprise that Peridot (or Chrysolite), is the gemstone variety of forsterite Olivine containing less than 10% iron.

Olivine in Meteorites


Fayalite is the iron-heavy variety of Olivine and is generally much darker in color. The Fayalite chemical formula is Fe2SiO4; commonly abbreviated to Fa) Fayalite can be found around the world and also, extraterrestrially, in meteorites. Apollo missions also found Fayalite at the “Sea of Tranquility” on the Moon. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and is a polymorph of Ahrensite and Asimowite.


Dunilite (Mg,Fe,Mn)2SiO4 is an extremely rare form of Olivine. Dunilite is not quite as hard as quartz and generally appears rough, greenish brown and faceted. Originally mistaken for an unusually colored Peridot, Dunil P. Gunasekera discovered this variety at “Katukubura Mountain” in Sri Lanka. The GIA issued their report in March of 1998 and Dunilite was determined to be a new gem variety.

Dunilite – by Crystal-Treasure


Peridot is the gemstone variety of forsterite olivine and is not considered a separate mineral class of Olivine. Peridot is usually portrayed as a vibrant green in color but can vary greatly from one example to the next. An ideal color variation of Peridot contains less than 10% iron and includes traces of nickel and chromium.

How Do I Cleanse My Olivine?

It’s important to avoid exposing your gemstone to any cosmetic products such as makeup, moisturizer, and hairspray. These products can permanently affect luster and dull the sheen of any gemstone or crystal. It’s best to adorn yourself with gemstone jewelry as the finishing touch of your daily ritual.

Olivine Peridot is too delicate to be subjected to ultrasonic cleaning. Similarly, steam cleaning is not recommended. Extreme or sudden changes in heat can cause this gem to fracture and cause permanent damage. Warm soapy water and a soft brush is the safest way to physically clean your Olivine Peridot gemstone. When in doubt, the International Gem Society is a wonderful resource for the care and cleaning of your gemstone.

How Do I Cleanse and Recharge My Olivine?
Polished Peridot (CC0)

How Do I Charge My Olivine?

Energetically cleansing your gemstone ensures that all of its unique properties will remain intact. It is essential to periodically release any energetic impurities that may have been absorbed by your gemstone. The best way to renew your Olivine Peridot is by bathing it in sunlight and allowing the bright rays to recharge the fire energy manifested by this gemstone crystal.

Create a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is an act of creation and a form of artful meditation. Ancient cultures have long called on the power of crystals and stones to amplify cosmic energy. Throughout history, sacred geometry has been used to create a magical framework in which to shape this energy. A crystal grid is a marriage of these two elements, creating a beautiful method of manifesting dreams, goals, and desires. This ritual art form allows you to focus, amplify your intention, and consciously direct the flow of energy that runs through all things. Crystal grids can be used in healing, meditation, ritual work, and manifesting. Learn how to create your own crystal grid here.

Bring the Wisdom of Crystals and Stones Into Your Life

Olivine is effective in amplifying myriad vital physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. This stone can be used alongside other gemstones and crystals in metaphysical work. Learn more about the the energetic offerings of the mineral kingdom with these selections.

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How Will You Harness the Transformative Power of Olivine?

We invite you to walk into a cosmic narrative in which we are all a unique element in each other’s story. Humanity has long used sacred tools for awakening the soul and illuminating our path toward enlightenment. Gemstones and crystals are simply instruments. They amplify your own intrinsic power to manifest your highest truth.

What aspects of Olivine can serve you as you walk through your own Mystic Doorway?

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