Rune Meanings

Rune Meanings

What Are Runes?

Runes, deeply rooted in esoteric traditions, are ancient symbols with profound significance. Originating from the runic alphabets of Norse and Germanic traditions, they serve a dual purpose as both a written language and a powerful tool for divination. These arcane characters, often carved into stones or wood, are a great source of spiritual wisdom. Runes are often used as portals to unseen dimensions, offering guidance and a cosmic connection to the divine. Each rune, embodying distinct meanings, mirrors the many facets of existence, from life’s enigmas to the universe’s natural forces. Through divination, these symbols serve as keys to unlock the wisdom of other realms, aiding in navigating life’s challenges and illuminating the path to self-awareness and transformation.

Rune Meanings

The runes elude definitive authority, as their traditions have been obscured by the shroud time. Modern runic wisdom thrives within a global community of spiritual seekers who have each found unique ways to integrate these ancient emblems into their practice. Although many of us find our own interpretations, we do have some historical context for their meanings such as the Runic and Heroic Poems of the Old Teutonic Peoples. These poems describe concepts related to the significance of each rune and guide us in our search for meaning.

Runes for Love

Throughout a lifetime. love is a thread that weaves together the very fabric of our souls. Using runes in matters of love should be done with respect, sincerity, and ethical considerations. Intentions should always be positive, and consent should be respected in all romantic endeavors. Ultimately, runes can be a valuable tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and enhancing the energetic aspects of love, but they should complement healthy communication, mutual respect, and genuine emotional connections in any relationship.

Many runes can be used to aid matters of love by tapping into their unique qualities. The rune of Gebo, shaped like an X, embodies the spirit of giving and receiving in equal measure, a fundamental principle of loving relationships. Through Gebo, we learn that love flourishes when it flows freely, unburdened by expectation. Bind runes, like the combination of Wunjo and Kenaz, amplify the joy of love’s union, igniting a radiant fire within the heart. As we meditate upon these runes, we cultivate the fertile soil from which love can bloom in all its forms.

Runes for protection

Runes for Protection

In shamanic practice, the safeguarding of one’s spirit is paramount. Runes can be powerful aids in matters of protection, helping to create a shield of spiritual and energetic defense against negative influences, harm, and adversity. Though they are potent tools for fortifying our sacred spaces, runes should never serve as a substitute for physical safety precautions or professional assistance in times of necessity.

Intent and belief play a significant role in the effectiveness of runic protection, so approach these practices with sincerity and respect for the runes’ sacred and symbolic meanings. The rune Algiz, shaped like an inverted trident, forms a powerful ward against harm. It acts as a spiritual shield, invoking the energy of the elk, which fearlessly navigates life’s challenges. To bolster this shield, we can combine Algiz with Tiwaz, embodying the warrior spirit within us, and Inguz, representing inner strength. As we inscribe these runes on our talismans or in the sacred space around us, we enhance our protective barrier and guard our path from negative influence.

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Runes for Transformation

Runes can be instrumental in matters of personal transformation, serving as a guide that empowers us on our path of self-discovery and growth. Remember runes are simply one set of tools you may use on your journey and their effectiveness is closely linked to your intention, belief, and personal dedication to the process. Use them as guides and symbols to support your inner growth and evolution. Always approach your transformational journey with mindfulness and self-compassion.

The path of transformation is a powerful journey in which we shed our old skin and emerge as the truest version of ourselves. The rune Raidho, resembling a wheel, signifies the rhythm of life and the cyclical nature of change. To begin this journey, we must embrace the energy of the rune Ehwaz, the horse, symbolizing our willingness to ride the currents of transformation with grace and courage. The rune Thurisaz, like a thorn, reminds us that change may sometimes be painful but is necessary for growth. As we meditate upon these runes, we embrace the wisdom of the ages and allow it to guide us through the labyrinth of our personal evolution.

Runic Aphabet

Runic Alphabet

The Runic Alphabet has evolved and changed over time, mirroring humanity’s odyssey. The three most well known runic alphabets are the Elder Futhark, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and the Younger Futhark. The Elder Futhark, often regarded as the earliest runic alphabet, exudes an aura of ancient mystery. Its roots extend deep into the Germanic Iron Age, spanning from the 2nd to the 8th century CE. During this era, Germanic tribes in regions that now encompass Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Northwestern Europe etched these symbols onto various objects, from jewelry to tombstones.

Moving forward in time, we encounter the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, a runic script closely associated with the early medieval period in England. From the 5th to the 11th century CE, these runes adorned the landscapes of Anglo-Saxon England. In addition to their enigmatic appearance, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc holds a deep connection to the Old English language, as it was primarily used for inscriptions and manuscripts.


The Younger Futhark left its mark from the 8th to the 12th century CE. This script was closely intertwined with the Viking Age and found its home in Scandinavia, encompassing regions that now constitute Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The Younger Futhark carries with it the echoes of Viking voyages, sagas, and the unique linguistic developments of the time.

Rune Symbols

Today, runic alphabets transcend their origins, serving as powerful symbols that link us to our ancestral past and guide us on our spiritual journey. Various runic systems are used for divination, magic, and spiritual practices. The most common is the Elder Futhark, consisting of these 24 characters:



Represents: “Cattle” or “Wealth”

Keywords: Abundance, Security, New Beginnings

Divinatory Meaning: Fehu, the inaugural rune in the sacred Elder Futhark, embodies potent energies of abundance and wealth. Its essence resonates with material prosperity, the vitality of cattle, and the deeper spiritual connection between our possessions and the cycles of life.



Represents: “Aurochs” or “Wild Ox”

Keywords: Strength, Willpower, Endurance

Divinatory Meaning: Uruz, the primal rune, pulsates with untamed vitality. It invokes raw strength, instinctive power, and the unstoppable forces of nature. Channel its energy for transformation, resilience, and the innate wisdom within.



Represents: “Thorn”, “Giant”, or “Hammer”

Keywords: Conflict, Defense, Protection

Divinatory Meaning: Thurisaz, a rune of primal chaos, signifies the testing of inner strength, the power of conflict, and the potential for both destruction and transformation. It embodies the concept of resistance, challenges, and the need to stand your ground to overcome life’s trials. This is a call to confront adversity with courage and wisdom.



Represents: “Breath of God”, “God”, “Divine Breath”, “or God’s Message”

Keywords: Expansion, Understanding, Ancestral Wisdom

Divinatory Meaning: Ansuz, the rune of divine communication, opens the door to clear connection with higher realms. It represents divine order, spiritual insight, and the connection to ancestral spirits. Embrace its energy to access higher understanding and guidance.

Raidho - Elder Futhark Rune


Represents: “Ride”, “Journey”, or “Wheel”

Keywords: Forward Movement, Path, Cosmic Law

Divinatory Meaning: Raidho, the rune of the journey, signifies the eternal quest for knowledge and growth. It illuminates the path ahead, gently guiding us through life’s twists and turns. Lean into this energy to navigate your destiny with purpose and mindfulness.



Represents: “Torch” or “Flame”

Keywords: Sacred Fire, Revelation, Gnosis

Divinatory Meaning: Kenaz, the torch of transformation, ignites the inner fire of change and enlightenment. It symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and the alchemical process of turning knowledge into wisdom. Harness its power to illuminate your path and kindle inner brilliance.



Represents: “Gift”

Keywords: Reciprocation, Sacred Union, Equilibrium

Divinatory Meaning: Gebo, the rune of reciprocity, embodies the sacred exchange of energies and gifts in the cosmic dance. It signifies harmony, balance, and partnerships forged through divine connections. Embrace its essence to manifest meaningful bonds and profound abundance.



Represents: “Joy”

Keywords: Fulfillment, Community, Celebration

Divinatory Meaning: Wunjo, the rune of joy and harmony, resonates with the profound sense of belonging. It embodies not only inner peace and contentment but also the warmth of connection within communities and tribes. Embrace its energy to find happiness, harmonious relationships, and a deep sense of belonging in the tapestry of existence.



Represents: “Hail”

Keywords: Radical Change, Destruction, Catastrophe

Divinatory Meaning: Hagalaz, the rune of chaos and transformation, heralds the storm’s cleansing power. It brings radical change, breaking old patterns, and clearing the path for renewal. Welcome its tempestuous energy, for within chaos lies the seed of profound growth and transformation.



Represents: “Needs” or “Need-Fire”

Keywords: Personal Needs, Constraint, Innovation

Divinatory Meaning: Nauthiz, a rune of need and restriction, signifies life’s demanding moments. It urges us to embrace discomfort and find strength within limitation. Creative problem solving and sheer grit is what allows us to navigate these tough times. Use the message of this rune as a catalyst for personal growth and resilience.



Represents: “Ice”

Keywords: Stillness, Focus, Pause

Divinatory Meaning: Isa, the rune of stillness and ice, calls for a moment of pause. It signifies a period of suspension, a time to reflect and gather inner strength. Accept this moment of tranquility as a necessary part of forward movement. Clarity and insight will accompany you in the eventual thaw and transformation.



Represents: “Yearly Harvest” or “Seasons”

Keywords: Cycles, Timing, Reaping What You Sow

Divinatory Meaning: Jera, the rune of harvest and cycles, reflects the rhythm of life’s seasons. It symbolizes patience and the understanding that the harvest cannot come before its natural time. Use this energy to align with the natural flow, trusting that your diligent effort will be rewarded and your time for growth and abundance will come.



Represents: “Yew” (Needle Ash)

Keywords: Life Cycles, Light and Shadow, The Timeless

Divinatory Meaning: Eihwaz, the rune of immortality, represents the Yew’s enduring nature and serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. It is a symbol of the World Tree, Kundalini fire, and cosmic consciousness. Embrace this powerful symbol of the eternal life that continually conquers death.



Represents: “Unknown”, “Vessel”, “Destiny”

Keywords: Fate, Chance, Mystery, Synchronicity

Divinatory Meaning: Pertho, the rune of mystery and chance, conceals the secrets of fate’s unfolding. It can be seen as the relationship between universal law and freewill. Hidden knowledge of the outcome before we have rolled the dice. It represents the unknown and unpredictable aspects of life, urging us to accept the mysteries that shape our existence.



Represents: “Elk”

Keywords: Protection, Higher Self, Guardianship

Divinatory Meaning: Algiz, the rune of protection and connection, forms an ancient symbol of the divine. It wards off harm, guiding us toward higher spiritual connection and cultivating courage in the face of fear. Embrace its shield-like energy to forge a bridge to higher realms and access the profound power of your inner strength.



Represents: “Sun”

Keywords: Vitality, Wholeness, Illumination, Power

Divinatory Meaning: Sowelo, the radiant rune, represents the sun’s eternal warmth and light. It embodies vitality, success, and illumination of the soul’s path. Allow its warmth and brilliance to be a guiding force, leading you toward your highest self and all abundant possibilities this life has to offer.



Represents: “Victory” or “The God, Tyr”

Keywords: Honor, Strength, Sovereign order

Divinatory Meaning: Tiwaz, the rune of the warrior, symbolizes honor, justice, and victory in battles both outside oneself and also within. It also represents the courage to stand firm in the face of fear and the strength to prevail. Call on its warrior spirit to forge a path of integrity and triumph.



Represents: “Birch” or “Birch Goddess”

Keywords: Nurturing, Sanctuary, Maternal Wisdom

Divinatory Meaning: Berkana, the rune of growth and rebirth, mirrors the nurturing energy of the Mother Earth. It represents fertility, healing, and the birthing of new beginnings. Embody its essence, and know you are safely held by the Mother Goddess. Tapping into this energy allows your inner garden to flourish and manifest abundance.



Represents: “Horse”

Keywords: Trust, Partnership, Progress

Divinatory Meaning: Ehwaz, the rune of partnership and synergy, embodies the sacred bond between horse and rider. It cultivates loyalty, trust, and interdependence, weaving a web of enduring emotional and spiritual connections. These bonds strengthen over time, becoming remarkably resilient and moving both partners toward a common goal.



Represents: “Human Nature”, Mankind” or “Man”

Keywords: The Human Condition, Community, Collective Consciousness

Divinatory Meaning: Mannaz, the rune of humanity, speaks to our interconnectedness as human beings on this earth. It signifies self-awareness, social harmony and social discord. This rune invites us to embrace our divine lineage and the collective wisdom of our ancestors.



Represents: “Ocean”, “Water, or “Lake”

Keywords: Mystery, Collective Unconscious, Intuition

Divinatory Meaning: Laguz, the rune of water, unveils the depths of the unconscious mind, granting access to realm of the unseen. Everything is born from this energy and it is within all things. Hold this powerful charge with caution and wisdom, for it flows through the essence of life itself, amplifying intention, and binds the realms of spirit and matter.



Represents: “Seed” or “The God Ing

Keywords: Creation, Expansion, Transformation

Divinatory Meaning: Inguz, the rune of completion, heralds the arrival of fruition. Like a seed’s transformation into a blossoming plant, it embodies potential fulfilled. To harness Inguz, we must patiently build up energy over time and then release the power all at once.



Represents: “Dawn” or “Day”

Keywords: Spiritual Awakening, Transmutation, Oneness

Divinatory Meaning: Dagaz, the rune of dawn, bridges opposing forces within the universe. Like the merging of day and night, it unites polarities, harmonizing light and dark, knowledge and mystery. Embrace Dagaz to navigate life’s dualities, finding balance and the hidden connections that bring unity to a world of opposites.



Represents: “Heritage”, “Homeland”, or “Inherited Estate”

Keywords: Heaven on Earth, Peace, Higher Collective Consciousness

Divinatory Meaning: Othala, the final rune, resonates with ancestral wisdom and the sacred ties to our heritage. It signifies personal responsibility and the path to a harmonious future, uniting heaven and earth within our souls.

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Runes for Transformation: Using Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life

Runes For Transformation by Kaedrich Olsen


Runes have long been used as vital tools for transformation. The Norse employed them as tools for communication, and the Vikings would use them as wisdom before embarking on a journey or entering battle. Runic scholar Kaedrich Olsen reclaims the transformative power of the runes for readers today as a key to unlocking our potential for personal growth and our life’s vision. Runes for Transformation is unlike any other rune book on the market, with Olsen’s unique techniques and applications for this ancient alphabet including affirmations, NLP, visualizations, and meditation, as well as the historical background essential to embarking on this path.

About the Author

A highly respected teacher and transpersonal path worker, Kaedrich Olsen posits that the time for this deeper working of the runes has come and this will aid readers in both personal and collective evolution. Runes for Transformation is a rich resource and excellent guide for readers to take the steps to change their lives with a boldly modern approach to the ancient runes and for change that really matters.

How Will You Harness The Transformative Power of Runes?

Humanity has long used sacred tools for awakening the soul and illuminating our path toward enlightenment. Runes are simply an instrument that can be used to amplify your own intrinsic power to manifest your highest truth.

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