Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius in Love

Aquarius Compatibility

A truth-seeker and a dreamer, Aquarius inspires others with their deep desire to help the World. Their curiosity and variety of interests make them highly engaging in any conversation. Aquarius is approachable and considers everyone a friend. Strike up a conversation with this sun sign and you will find them eager to learn all about you and your interests. Despite their social nature, this zodiac sign values their space in order to recharge.

Relationships and The Zodiac

Relationship compatibility is an important part of understanding the rich and dynamic interplay between Astrological signs. Compatibility is often explored in terms of the broader attributes possessed by each sign in the Zodiac. Although there are many similarities between people who share a sun sign, every person is born under a unique astrological birth chart and influenced by all celestial bodies. Most importantly, an individual’s character is also shaped by the complexity of their upbringing, environment, and life experiences.

As you learn more about Aquarius relationships within the Zodiac, it’s essential to recognize that any divination tool, no matter how valuable, is no replacement for your own best judgment. Every new connection should be approached with eyes wide open. Just as we should avoid destructive behaviors in a potential partner, we also shouldn’t discount a potentially strong relationship based solely on a person’s Sun Sign. Love is often found where we least expect it.

Relationships and The Zodiac

Honor the value of your intuition. It will always be your greatest guide. Acknowledge your ability to determine how you want to be treated by others and remain true to yourself. Above all, remember that you have the power to choose the kind of people you want to surround yourself with, regardless of astrological compatibility.

Aquarius In Love

Aquarius instantly intrigues potential partners and brings a refreshing vitality to every new relationship. Love for an Aquarius often occurs in two distinct stages. Aquarians are known to believe in love at first sight. This sign is quick to fall head over heels for their new love interest, diving in head first to learn everything they can about their new partner. The intensity of this initial connection burns hot and bright. Eventually, the act of falling in love turns toward a steady path of companionship or an intense need for freedom. For an Aquarian, these two ideas are one in the same.

Aquarius Compatibility

For an Aquarius, moving into a deeper relationship can feel threatening to their independence and feeling tethered will make it nearly impossible to emotionally connect with their lover. Romantic partnership needs to come with the same respect for autonomy that we commonly show in friendship. For the most part, we spend time with our friends because we genuinely enjoy their company, not because we are beholden to them. Friendship is always an act of choice. Aquarius extends this idea to all relationships in their life.

Building a relationship with an Aquarius is a slow, patient journey. Their ability to open up to others is proportional to how much space they are given. Intimacy will readily grow when they feel secure in the amount of freedom they are allowed by their partner. Hold on too tightly and you will begin to feel the emotional distance of this zodiac sign. The Aquarian need for solitude doesn’t mean complete abandonment. Just as we allow our friends time to themselves, this sun sign appreciates the same consideration.

Aquarius Relationships

Aquarius Traits

Personality TraitsIndependent, Fun, Sociable, Altruistic, Progressive, Witty, Original, Communicative, Honest, Eccentric, Rational, Detached, Erratic, Impractical, Willful
Tarot ArchetypesThe Star (XVII), The World (XXI), The Fool (0)
Triplicity / Classical ElementAir
Astrological Mirror / Opposite SignLeo
Attracted ToOpen-mindedness, Flexibility, Friendship First, Intelligence, Independence, Optimism, Imagination
Repelled ByPossessive, Restrictive, Traditional, Timidity, Overdeveloped Ego, Overbearing, Lack of Authenticity
Erogenous ZoneCalves, Shins, and Ankles

Aquarius Relationships

Gaining astrological insight can help us develop any type of relationship, platonic or romantic. Concepts like honesty, patience, and understanding are universal elements of all connections. Relationships aren’t limited to the idea of romantic partnership. The term “relationship” is broadly used to refer to many types of love and attachment. Exploring the larger aspects of Aquarius relationships can also help us better understand our friends, family, and acquaintances. Let’s learn more about each Zodiac sign and what they bring to the relationship dynamic with an Aquarius.

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius and Aries are a shining example of New Relationship Energy. Aquarians want to know everything about their new love interest. The Rams’ bold sense of adventure makes them the perfect playmate for an Aquarius partner. In seeking new pursuits, Aries brings the excitement and bravery needed to complement Aquarius’ curiosity and desire for exploration. Relationships between these two Sun Signs commonly begin with a lot of positive energy.

Aries possesses the self-confidence and optimism needed to move in sync with an Aquarian’s natural ebbs and flows. The Ram’s love of excitement and change is fueled by the Aquarian need for novelty and new ideas. Aries should take care to make sure their desires do not override their ability to accept that Aquarius has dreams of their own. Aries should avoid attempting to coerce Aquarius to join them on their own escapade as an unwilling passenger. Instead, the ram should lean into their ability to fly solo. Time apart means that both partners can give each other plenty of space to pursue their own interests.

Aquarius can stimulate Aries by sharing their own novel ideas, new discoveries, and spontaneity. This kind of openness brings the Aquarian element of air and is sure to fan Aries’ fire for adventure. Aries’ love of playing the hero means they are willing to follow an Aquarian’s quest to change the world. In this relationship, the water bearer will need to be clear about their need for space after too much social interaction. Aries will generally respect the Aquarian need for independence.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus are opposites in many ways, although both demonstrate strong sense of willpower. There is a grounded warmth in the type of intimacy enjoyed by these signs. Communication does wonders for building the connection between the water bearer and the bull. Relationships will do especially well when these two can find strength in a common cause and respect each other’s pace as they move toward their goal. Challenges can occur when the Aquarian’s nature to move on to new exciting things conflicts with the Taurean resistance to change and desire for stability.

Taurus should take advantage of their patient and determined nature to maintain their relationships with an Aquarian partner. This bull should avoid imposing their will and remain aware that an Aquarius does not respond well to possessiveness. Taurus will find delight in the water bearer’s whimsical nature and depth of conviction. However, Taurus will need to speak up when they feel they are being pushed outside of their comfort zone. The bull can always encourage Aquarius to pursue some of their more eccentric ideas on their own. In fact, Aquarius will welcome this additional freedom.

Aquarius should recognize the value that Taurean stability and security can provide within a partnership. The water bearer can find respite in Taurus’ easy company. When their sights align, these two have the ability to affect great change in the world. Aquarius will dive into a cause with the momentum to get things started and a Taurus has the dedication to sustain the work over the long haul. In order for this partnership to work, however, Aquarius must allow the slow and steady Taurus to move at their own pace.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini seem to form a natural partnership. Both of these signs are brimming with energy and intellectual curiosity. Together these two float from topic to topic, engaging one another as they entertain new ideas. Occasionally, Aquarius and Gemini will find separate areas of interest and will use their new experiences to enrich the relationship. Pursuing separate interests bodes well for their common need for time to themselves every once in a while. Temporary respite is a key element, ensuring this pair will continue to come back together time and again.

To social Gemini’s delight, this dynamic duo is the life of the party. Aquarius seems to bring a sparkling enthusiasm to the life of a Gemini. As exhilarating as this may feel, Gemini should remain aware of their mental energy level as they follow Aquarius in every new educational whim. Gemini should also note that their natural ability to persuade others will work well with an Aquarian until the water bearer has made up their mind. Once an Aquarian mind is set, it is time for Gemini to let go of their need to convince others to see things in the same way they do.

Aquarius will appreciate the journey of discovering life with a Gemini. Gemini is one of the few zodiac signs with the type of stamina needed to keep up with an Aquarius on life’s adventure. The Gemini’s ability to curate amazing life experiences for Aquarius to enjoy is one of the greatest gifts a water bearer can receive. Aquarius can benefit from Gemini’s ability to help others see life in a new perspective. That being said, Aquarius should put extra care into respecting and verbalizing their own boundaries once they’ve made a decision on a topic of discussion.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer

Although Aquarius and Cancer are innately different in temperament, these two share ambition and an active imagination. Both signs can find a willing conversation partner but will often find themselves caught up in the nuance of feelings and emotion compared to logic and fact. The interplay of thought and emotion oftentimes requires a soft touch. These two should focus on appreciating the unique perspective their partner brings to the table. Patient understanding can foster a well-rounded and dynamic relationship that will be quite rewarding.

Cancer can benefit from the Aquarian perspective of self care. This sign is frequently so concerned with caring for others that they forget to take time for themselves. Aquarius will encourage Cancer to focus their generous capacity for love inward from time to time. Often, as a relationship grows, Aquarius will begin to feel an increased need for stimulation. It’s important for the crab to realize that their partner’s behavior isn’t personal. This lack of interest commonly appears as soon as an Aquarian feels they have solved the mystery of getting to know someone. Cancer can reconnect by using their ability to create a comfortable respite for Aquarius to come back to and recharge between adventures.

As the water bearer begins to seek out new experiences, they should remain mindful of Cancer’s feelings. A single deep conversation and then nothing else can leave them reeling. Aquarius’ sudden restlessness can feel upsetting to a Cancer who, initially, found themselves the center of attention. The water bearer should communicate to Cancer that their inclination for deeper connection will come with a partner who can give them a great deal of space. If Cancer can provide freedom alongside a safe and a cozy home, this arrangement can have long-term rewards. Aquarius can show their appreciation by acknowledging the home Cancer has built for them and using this place of love to rest and recharge.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites on the Zodiac wheel. This isn’t to say they are natural enemies, only that their approach to life is very different. These two are social creatures and natural entertainers. Their differences emerge as they begin to explore each other’s motivation behind the need for social interaction. Aquarians generally seek out conversation as a method of gathering life knowledge or an opportunity to find like minded people who can assist them in working toward a better world. In contrast, Leo is more interested in energetically connecting with people and the glow of being the center of attention. The lion has an innate ability to inspire others to follow them in endeavors that align with their own interests.

A lion’s heart is sure to melt when met with the generosity of a water bearer. Aquarius is just as taken with a Leo who is brimming with energy and passion. Aquarians revel in Leo’s lust for life and are drawn to their inborn self-confidence. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for a Leo partner to recognize Aquarius’ captivation, as the water bearer is not likely to outwardly show their deep appreciation. Leos may need to lean into their other relationships in order to receive the attention they crave. Continued investment in outside relationships is also an ideal way to give an Aquarian partner the space they require. In return, the water bearer should make a conscious effort to clearly communicate their affection to the Leo in their life.

Aquarius is attracted to Leo’s playful nature and passion for living life to the fullest. However, In their urge to pull Leo into a new adventure, they may frequently overlook key differences in temperament. Aquarians may feel puzzled by a fun-loving Leo’s sudden reluctance to join them in their next adventure. The motivation for an Aquarius’ lofty endeavors can feel a bit too abstract and wide-reaching for Leo’s taste. This lack of interest, and inability to relate, can easily be bridged by helping a Leo understand the important part they can play in the larger picture. The Lion will enthusiastically support the Aquarian’s grandest vision if they are also shown how they can benefit from a common cause.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo are truly a match of the minds. These signs are both analytical thinkers who enjoy breaking down larger constructs in order to understand them better. Care should be taken when the Aquarian desire to move onto the next thing meets Virgo’s dedication to see things through. If navigated properly, this difference in approach can end up being a strength rather than a stumbling block. The interplay of big-picture thinking and getting things done creates the perfect environment for success. Working together, this pair can truly affect change in the world.

Virgo is inspired by Aquarius’ freedom and lighthearted approach to enjoying life’s mysteries. Aquarian’s empathy and world-changing ideas are likely to motivate sympathetic and kind Virgo. Impactful change is able to occur when a Virgo becomes determined to help an Aquarian actualize their dreams. In this relationship, Virgo can support their partner by relying on their ability to get things done. Assure Aquarius that you’ve got things handled and they will appreciate the chance to shift their mindset toward solving other problems.

Aquarius is impressed by Virgo’s dedication and thoughtful exploration of life. Although the water bearer may appreciate Virgo’s willingness to go the extra mile, they should be mindful of the mess they may leave behind when they hastily move on to the next thing. The water bearer should take care to communicate their intentions to Virgo and thank them for doing the important work of bringing concepts into reality. Aquarius can also learn from a Virgo’s humble and kind approach to life. This will inspire greater humility and consideration in their own life’s work.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius and Libra are likely to meet at a social gathering. These butterflies spend their time entertaining and admiring one another’s ability to float from person to person, topic to topic, with seamless beauty. In their personal life these air signs seem to flutter together, dancing in the wind, entertaining one another with great interest and energy. These two are truly a match made in the stars if they can overcome two distinct challenges in their relationships. This couple will need to balance Aquarius’ need for social downtime with Libra’s need to keep the attention of others.

Libra loves to experience life with all five senses. This sign will happily ride the wake of an Aquarian escapade, enjoying the rush of new experiences. As much as Libra loves basking in the warm afterglow of adventure, they should also invest time introducing the Aquarian in their life to unusual activities and novel information. This is especially important when the Aquarian partner feels the need for space. Instead of focusing on their lack of attention, Libra can use this opportunity to collect stories and new experiences to share upon their return. Aquarius will appreciate these gifts with all their heart and feel as though they have finally found someone who truly understands them.

Aquarius will welcome all the wonderful stories and experiences Libra has to offer. They can easily return loving this gesture by inviting Libra on their next venture instead of walking away solo. Aquarius should make sure to extend conscious effort toward fostering the relationship and clearly communicating when they are craving personal space. Patiently explain to Libra that this alone time is an important part of your self-care and not a negative response to something they did. Honor the Libra desire for deeper connection and make time to bond with them, in cozy conversation, when you’re both in a place to recharge.

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio thrive in their shared world of excitement and imagination. Each of these signs bring a spark of vitality to every conversation. This pair has an unparalleled understanding of their partner and are able relate to each other on a deep level. When conflict arises, both the scorpion and the water bearer possess a willingness to listen carefully and take time to work things out. Although the intensity and depth of Scorpio can sometimes conflict with the Aquarian desire for change and novelty, these highly intelligent signs admire their partner’s ability to meet them step for step. In the end, these signs will both benefit from a partner who challenges their way of thinking and broadens their horizons.

Scorpio should use their natural adaptability to read the ebb and flow of Aquarian interests. When Aquarius is engaged, it is time to rekindle passionate conversations and build rapport. When their partner has moved on to another interest, it is time for Scorpio to remember their love of others and feel free to engage in new experiences with friends and loved ones. When these two come back together they will bring a fresh energy to the conversation and the ability to engage their partner in new ways. This is key to keeping interest alive in long-term relationships between these signs.

Aquarius should take time to fully appreciate the love and dedication that Scorpio brings to the relationship. They will also need to be clear about the reasons they crave space. This clarity will reassure the scorpion that their loyalty has not been misplaced. Although heated debate can be exciting, Aquarius should keep their contrarian tendencies in check during challenging conversations. In order to open up, Scorpio needs to feel heard, without becoming vulnerable to attack. Letting go of the Aquarian need to challenge every idea will play a key part in allowing a Scorpio partner to fully open up. Balancing the water bearer’s need for freedom and the Scorpio’s need for security is a vital part of keeping this relationship happy and healthy.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius have so many complementary traits that lend well to a balanced relationship. These signs are both quite friendly and also share a desire to keep their emotions from diving too deep. Added together, the ambitious nature of Sagittarius and big picture thinking of Aquarius, these two form a natural partnership. The wandering nature of these two sun signs can create an opportunity to unconsciously drift apart. If these two can keep this tendency in check, this relationship can reach unimagined heights. The dynamic between the water bearer and the archer has a magical quality that feels like an ideal mix between soulmate and friend.

Sagittarius will feel as if they have found a twin flame in the free spirit of an Aquarius, reveling in the pursuit of new ideas and flourishing in the freedom that an Aquarian partnership provides. The archer should remain aware of the responsibility that comes along with this generous freedom. Sagittarius needs to remember to do their part in revisiting their relationship frequently in order to reestablish the bond with the Aquarius in their life. These two are kindred spirits who both require openness, understanding, and effort in order to connect with each other on an emotional level.

Aquarius is enlivened by the type of enthusiasm and variety that only a Sagittarius can bring to life. In fact, Sagittarius is one of the few signs more free-spirited and independent than Aquarius. Because emotional expression does not come easily for either of these signs, it will require conscious effort from each of these signs to re-engage and preserve their intimate bond. This can sometimes feel unnatural to an Aquarian because it requires using unpracticed methods of maintaining relationships. The water bearer may find it easier to have emotional conversations by approaching them intellectually. By simply voicing their thoughts and fears, Aquarius will often be able to take away their weight and this will make emotional territory much easier to navigate.

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarius and Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn share a common sense of ambition. Neither of these signs sees the impossible as a barrier and together they can have unimaginable reach. Optimism is an important dynamic within their partnership and the pair will need to rely on this attribute to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of intimacy. Both of these signs can be quite reserved in their ability to express their feelings and each of them will need to make a conscious effort to express their needs. Before these two can enjoy one another, they must overcome an initial challenge. The social excitement of Aquarius and the wall-flower nature of Capricorn can easily create a situation where they don’t talk in the first place and miss a chance to connect.

In order to connect with Aquarius, Capricorn will need to set aside their serious pursuits long enough to enjoy an amount of friendly socializing. Allowing themselves to unwind, and be pulled into conversation with an Aquarius, could lead to one powerhouse of a partner. This air sign has big ideas and a willingness to pursue the loftiest goals. Capricorn should share their own aspirations and find out where their interests align. Conflict may arise when sensible Capricorn pushes up against the rebellious nature of an Aquarian. Rather than attempting to tame the water bearer, Capricorn should simply allow them to pursue their more outlandish ideas on their own. The goat will be relieved from having to participate in activities outside their comfort zone and their Aquarian partner will appreciate the untethered freedom to run with the wind.

Aquarius may hold the key to this combination’s biggest hurdle; simply finding an opportunity to say hello. Aquarius should look outside of their normal social sphere and remember to engage the mysterious wallflowers. Once involved with a Capricorn, Aquarius should be sure to communicate where their head and heart is in the relationship. The water bearer’s willingness to initiate this exchange can help these signs avoid an emotional stalemate. Aquarius should take the time to learn about the dreams that are important to Capricorn. Dedicated and practical Capricorn can provide the structure needed for Aquarian endeavors to succeed. If their own dream is incorporated in a common vision with their Aquarian partner, this duo becomes an unstoppable force.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius

When two Aquarians meet you can be sure that conversation is enthralling and the creativity is flowing. These two are both poised to dive in and learn everything they can about one another. They’ll share unique ideas and find themselves entertaining views they’ve never before considered. Each of these water bearers are able to explore the depths of the psyche and emerge with the willingness to embrace new paradigms of thought. If the passion of this duo makes it past the honeymoon phase, they can easily make lifelong companions.

This pair has incredible chemistry and can stimulate one another in imaginable ways. The excitement will be palpable as they learn new things together. However, like every long term relationship, it will be tempting to fall into the habit of taking their effortless connection for granted. Aquarius should avoid the false sense that their companion is who they have always been. This sign would do well to remember that their partner has the same intellectual curiosity and is always in the process of learning and growing, sometimes more rapidly than other signs. Every moment together is an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with who their partner is at that moment. Above all, the two water bearers should never believe it’s too late to reach out and share. These two will be pleased to find that conversations seem to pick up right where they left off.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces can foster a wonderful mix of new ideas and deep spirituality. The water bearer provides more than a reflective pool of pure potential. This sign is able to create a sea of possibility for the elusive fish to swim through untethered by a need for possession. Similarly, Pisces is able to give Aquarius the freedom to explore their greatest aspiration without judgment. While it may seem that an intellectual Aquarius and spiritual Pisces would be incompatible, this partnership creates an immense opportunity for deeper understanding.

Pisces is disarmed by Aquarius’ empathy and sense of devotion to humanity. Pisces has the same sensibilities but experiences these concepts in different ways. Pisces should be willing to share their intuition and beliefs without attachment, understanding that Aquarius will often have their minds set within their own system of beliefs. Pisces should acknowledge that the Aquarian’s need to fix the world’s problems is rooted in a deep sympathy for all things. It can be inspiring for Pisces to see these big picture concepts come to life in Aquarian endeavors. They will also enjoy creating a safe space for Aquarius to dive deeper into the exploration of their own life purpose.

Aquarius would do well to remember that not all intellectual pursuits happen outside the spiritual realm. They will soon realize that a Pisces partner possesses an incredible ability to show them where the realms of thought and spirit converge. If they open their mind, Aquarius can learn valuable tools for sustaining their constant quest for knowledge. They can come to value meditation and self-care when they see that these practices are supported by science. In time, they may acknowledge that even the most ancient rituals have foundation in reality. If Aquarius can truly listen to the wisdom Pisces offers, they will see that the most profound ideas come from the merging of the mind and the soul.

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