The home of Mystic Doorway is nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, embraced by ancient emerald forests and the wild wisdom of the ocean. This lush corner of the world, alive with community and the pulse of the earth itself, has been a constant source of inspiration for Mystic Doorway.

My writing is deeply rooted in my love for life’s mysteries. As a child of spiritual seekers, I began to consider the meaning of life and my place in the universe at a very young age and I am thankful my curiosity was met by bookshelves filled with sacred texts and esoteric knowledge. Each book became a portal to the divine, every page a step on a never-ending journey toward enlightenment. In my quest for truth, I was drawn to the power of myth and sacred stories, the transformational energy of crystals, and the guiding light of celestial bodies. My heart was kindled by the richness of the natural world, the complexity of the human condition, and the wisdom of shared experience.

Yet, this path was not without its challenges. I often came across teachings that seemed to cling too tightly to dogma and encountered teachers who believed themselves to be gatekeepers of elusive knowledge. These experiences carved within me a resolve to share my own experience with an open heart. I am not a spiritual master or the keeper of esoteric truths, rather a fellow traveler who has walked the path and knows the value of companionship on this sacred journey.

Mystic Doorway emerged not only from my own personal practice, but also as a commitment to a broader vision. These pages are dedicated to the sharing of tools and knowledge for those who may not have their own mystical library or nearby community of like-minded souls. As we turn inward for guidance, we must also nurture our outward connections; the earth beneath our feet, the communities that shape us, the humanity we share, and the vast universe that cradles our existence. This lineage of wisdom flows through every crystal’s facet, each sacred sigil, and the pattern of a million stars

I invite you to step through the Mystic Doorway, embrace your magic, and nurture the divine mystery that dwells within us all.