The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones


The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones

“The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones” by Isidore Kozminsky is a captivating exploration of the mystical properties and profound symbolism associated with gemstones. Published in 1922, this book bridges the realms of magic and science, shedding light on how these precious stones have fascinated and influenced humanity for centuries.

Kozminsky’s work delves into the metaphysical aspects of gemstones, exploring their healing powers, astrological connections, and spiritual significance. Each gemstone is presented as a unique repository of energy, offering readers a deeper understanding of their potential impact on the human experience.

The book also explores the esoteric and symbolic meanings of gemstones, unveiling the hidden wisdom embedded in their colors, shapes, and historical contexts. The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones serves as a timeless resource for those seeking to harness the mystical qualities of gemstones and integrate them into their spiritual and practical lives, making it a valuable addition to the literature on gemstone lore and metaphysical studies.

The Magic and Science of Jewels by Isidore Kozminsky


In these pages a sincere attempt is made to blend modern science with the ancient and occult philosophy of the precious, semi-precious and common stones of the earth. It will be shown that many of the seemingly absurd narratives of old authors are but cunningly concealed truths, the unravelling of which can be followed with interest and profit along the lines herein indicated. The ancient masters held that the influences exerted by the heavenly bodies entered into harmonious relations with various terrestrial substances. Hence we have the venerable philosophy of fortunate stones, planetary gems and “stones of power,” which form a part of the vast department known as talismanic magic.

It is the philosophy of sympathy and antipathy prevailing through nature—atom for atom, stone for stone, plant for plant, animal for animal, man for man. This observation was subjected to an orderly scientific arrangement which for completeness of detail would compare, in some cases, more than favorably with the most careful synthesis of modern science. In order to make easily understood the matter treated and to secure pronunciations as nearly correct as possible, it has been considered advisable to render all foreign words, ancient and modern, in familiar letters.

I have to express my grateful thanks to the friends who have, in various ways, been helpful to me in regard to this work.

To Mr. Kelsey I. Newman, for the use of his unique collection of opals and precious stones, including the wonderful opal, “The Flame Queen,” and especially for his co-operation, without which this book could not have been published.

Likewise to The Right Honorable the Viscountess Astor, M.P.; Lieutenant Sir Edward Mackenzie-Mackenzie, Bart., for his original Heraldic drawings of the horoscopes of royal and notable persons from my charts; Professor Sir William Ridgeway, Sc.D., LL.D., Litt.D., F.B.A., of Cambridge University, England; Miss Kathleen Watkins, for her help in preparing the sheets for the press; Mrs. Beatrix Colquhoun, for her paintings of the Flame Queen and other gems from Mr. Kelsey I. Newman’s collection; Mr. and Mrs. C. G. King, Melbourne, Australia; Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Seymour, New York City; Mr. William Howat, Melbourne, Australia; Mrs. S. Kozminsky, Melbourne, Australia; Mrs. Alice Walker, Melbourne, Australia; Mr. G. S. Brown, Melbourne, Australia; Mr. G. A. Osboldstone, Melbourne, Australia; Mr. James Mackenzie, Adelaide, Australia; Mr. M. Susman, Hobart, Tasmania, and to my wife to whom this book is dedicated.

Isidore Kozminsky
Melbourne, Australia,
January, 1922

Another, ere she slept, was stringing stones
To make a necklet—agate, onyx, sard,
Coral, and moonstone—round her wrist it gleamed
A coil of splendid colour, while she held
Unthreaded yet, the bead to close it up—
Green turkis, carved with golden gods and scripts.

Edwin Arnold – “The Light of Asia.”

Historical Context

This historical piece of writing often reflects the Eurocentric perspectives and interpretations of “other cultures.” While informative, The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones may inadvertently present non-Western traditions and beliefs regarding gems and jewels in a way that lacks cultural sensitivity or depth. It’s important to recognize this context and approach the material with a critical eye, considering the diverse meanings and values that different cultures attach to these elements beyond a Western viewpoint.

The Magic and Science of Jewels: Chapter I

In Chapter I, ‘Study of Precious Stones in Early Times’, Kozminsky delves deep into the fascination ancient civilizations held for gems. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, these stones were not merely admired for their beauty but revered for their spiritual and medicinal attributes. The chapter illuminates early texts, rituals, and beliefs that underscored their significance, revealing a rich tapestry of ancient cultures deeply influenced by the mystique of these gems.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter II

In Chapter II, ‘The Most Ancient Science’, Kozminsky explores the mystical properties and symbolism of various gemstones, such as the ruby, sapphire, and emerald. He discusses how these gemstones have been revered for their healing properties, astrological connections, and spiritual significance throughout history. Kozminsky’s insights shed light on the profound and esoteric meanings attributed to these precious stones, offering readers a deeper understanding of their potential impact on human lives. This chapter is a captivating introduction to the mystical aspects of gemstones and their enduring allure.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter III

In Chapter III, ‘The Ephod of the High Priest’, Kozminsky draws from the Book of Exodus to explore the creation of sacred garments, including the ephod, for the High Priest Aaron. The ephod, adorned with onyx stones engraved with the twelve tribes of Israel, symbolizes the Zodiac’s twelve signs, both northern and southern. Kozminsky also touches on ancient Egyptian and rabbinical allegories, connecting gemstones, astrology, and spiritual philosophy. This chapter unveils the profound symbolism of the ephod and its role in representing the eternal journey of the soul.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels: Chapter IV

In Chapter IV, ‘The Breastplate of Judgment’, Kozminsky unveils the remarkable craftsmanship of the breastplate, adorned with twelve precious stones, each meticulously representing a tribe of Israel. This chapter explores the mysteries of the Urim and Thummim, contemplating their possible forms and roles, including casting lots. Kozminsky gracefully weaves together the twelve zodiac signs, the tribes, and these precious stones, highlighting the profound interplay of astrology with the symbolism of the Priestly Breastplate.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter VI

In Chapter VI , The Stones of the Breastplate and the Zodiac, Kozminsky focuses on the astrological and mystical significance of various gemstones. He discusses the connections between gemstones, astrological signs, and planets, emphasizing their roles in human fate and character. Kozminsky delves into historical and cultural uses of these stones, explaining their symbolic meanings and healing properties, and interprets of the 12 stones adorning the Breastplate of Judgment. This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of gemstone lore, blending astrological insights with historical anecdotes to illustrate the profound impact of these stones on human life and spirituality.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter VII

In Chapter VII, ‘Old Legends’, Kozminsky shifts his focus to the various legends and mystical beliefs related to gems and their powers. It discusses the Shamir, a magical entity used in biblical times for engraving stones, including its role in King Solomon’s temple construction. The chapter also delves into legends about King Solomon, Rabbi Low Ben Bezalel’s creation of a Golem, and the magical properties of various stones. Additionally, it touches on the significance of precious stones in Buddhist traditions and the astrological implications of gems in different cultures.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter VIII

In Chapter VIII, ‘Stones in Various Mythologies’, Kozminsky delves into the diverse mythological and cultural beliefs surrounding precious stones. It explores Hindu mythology’s portrayal of Meru as a jewel-adorned mountain, the King of the Serpents, and the radiant Sun God Surya. The chapter also discusses stories like Rama’s Bridge of Adam, the Avatars, and the Temple Caves of Kanhari. It highlights the Black Stone of Mecca’s significance, Roland’s quest for a precious jewel, and the mystical properties of Irish Charm stones. Furthermore, the chapter introduces Dendrites, garden charms, and the role of gems in Buddhism, offering a captivating look at the multifaceted world of gemstone mythology.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter IX

In Chapter IX, ‘Stones and Their Stories’, Kozminsky discusses various mystical and legendary stones are discussed, including Abraxas stones used by Gnostics, Alectorius stones from the cock’s head, Bezoar stones known for their healing properties, and the elusive Philosopher’s Stone of alchemical fame. These stones hold significance in mythology, healing practices, and alchemical quests. The chapter also touches on stones associated with planets, zodiac signs, and the mysterious powers attributed to certain gems throughout history, shedding light on their symbolic and practical significance.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter X

In Chapter X, ‘The Greatest Charms In The World’, Kozminsky explores the significance of the sacred Scarabaeus in ancient Egypt, highlighting its role as a powerful charm symbolizing immortality, rebirth, and protection. Revered as a representation of the sun god Khepera and associated with the eternal cycle of life, the scarab was used in various materials and forms for religious, ceremonial, and decorative purposes. The chapter also discusses the cultural and mythological interpretations of scarabs beyond Egypt, emphasizing their universal symbolism of good fortune and divine guidance.

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The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones PDF

A scanned copy of the 1922 printing of The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones can be read here

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In this timeless masterpiece, Isodore Kozminsky, a renowned author in the field of Jewish occultism and esotericism, reveals the hidden secrets of gemstones, semi-precious stones, and ordinary stones. Kozminsky skillfully navigates the philosophy of sympathy and antipathy found throughout nature, unveiling the interconnectedness of stone to stone, and person to person. As a member of a family of jewelers and associated with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Kozminsky was perfectly positioned to synthesize scientific data, ancient folklore, and the occult and beneficial use of stones.

Unlike more modern stone guides that limit themselves to the psychic and physical aspects of lithotherapy, this book provides a much more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the subject. Special emphasis is placed on the connection between the various gemstones and semi-precious stones discussed and the signs of the zodiac. The author offers a profound philosophy of lucky stones, planetary gems, and the mystical “stones of power,” which form an integral part of talismanic magic. Unique to this book are the inclusion of magical sigils and invocation formulas, providing readers with the means to establish contact with the stone spirits, presented as an embedded grimoire.

The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones was previously available only as a rare antiquarian find. VAMzzz Publishing presents a new, carefully revised edition, complete with additional information about the author.

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