The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones: Chapter VI

The Magic and Science of Jewels by Isidore Kozminsky - The Stones of the Breastplate and the Zodiac

The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones by Isidore Kozminsky

“The Magic and Science of Jewels” by Isidore Kozminsky is a captivating exploration of the mystical properties and profound symbolism associated with gemstones. Published in 1922, this book bridges the realms of magic and science, shedding light on how these precious stones have fascinated and influenced humanity for centuries.

Kozminsky’s work delves into the metaphysical aspects of gemstones, exploring their healing powers, astrological connections, and spiritual significance. Each gemstone is presented as a unique repository of energy, offering readers a deeper understanding of their potential impact on the human experience.

The book also explores the esoteric and symbolic meanings of gemstones, unveiling the hidden wisdom embedded in their colors, shapes, and historical contexts. “The Magic and Science of Jewels” serves as a timeless resource for those seeking to harness the mystical qualities of gemstones and integrate them into their spiritual and practical lives, making it a valuable addition to the literature on gemstone lore and metaphysical studies.

Chapter VI: The Stones Of The Breastplate And
The Zodiac

In Chapter VI , ‘The Stones of the Breastplate and the Zodiac’, Kozminsky focuses on the stones of the Breastplate and their correlation with the Zodiac. The chapter presents a detailed table classifying twelve stones of the Breastplate, their modern names, and corresponding Zodiac signs. It explains the astrological significance and dates associated with each stone. Additionally, it discusses Talmudic interpretations and the Baraita of Samuel’s insights on astrology and medicine. The chapter emphasizes the mystical connection between these stones, the Zodiac, and Jewish traditions.

The Magic and Science of Jewels by Isidore Kozminsky Chapter 6

Heaven’s golden alphabet—
And he that runs may read.


The foregoing chapter dealing with the identification of the stones of the Breastplate has necessitated study and research, and the classification reproduced in the table following rests on a secure base. Many of the scholars of the past when endeavoring to render Hebrew stone names into our own language were hampered by a none too technical knowledge of the gems themselves, whilst many of the later writers were handicapped by lack of astrological knowledge so essential in a matter of this kind. This will be sufficient to explain the numerous contradictions regarding the identification and allotment of the famous stones by whose agency the psychic priests communicated with the angels of God.

It has already been explained in Chapter V why the tribal names do not agree with the signs of the Zodiac and the stones on which they were engraved. Some remarks of Philo Judaeus may with advantage be re-quoted here: In reference to the Breastplate he writes: “Then on his chest there are twelve precious stones of different colours, arranged in four rows of three stones in each row, being fashioned so as an emblem of the Zodiac. For the Zodiac also consists of twelve animals and so divides the four seasons of the year, allotting three animals to each season.

And the whole place is very correctly called the Logeum since everything in Heaven has been created and arranged in accordance with right reason and proportion: for there is absolutely nothing there which is devoid of reason. And on the Logeum he embroiders two woven pieces of cloth, calling the one Manifestation and the other Truth. And by the one which he calls Truth he expresses figuratively that it is absolutely impossible for falsehood to enter any part of Heaven but that it is entirely banished to the parts around the Earth dwelling amongst the souls of impious men.

Constellation of the high priest Aaron - Artwork by Julius Schiller - Coelum Stellatum Christianum - 1627 - wikimedia commons - public domain - cco
Constellation of the High Priest Aaron by Julius Schiller – Coelum Stellatum Christianum (circa 1627) – wikimedia commons (CC0)

The Classification of the Breastplate

Hebrew Name of StoneModern Name of StoneEquivalent Sign of Zodiac
1. OdemRed Haematite (Red Hematite)Aries
2. PitdahEmeraldTaurus
3. BarekethMarbleGemini
4. NofekChrysopraseCancer
5. ShohamSardonyxLeo
6. JashpehJasperVirgo
7. LeshamOpalLibra
8. SheboBanded AgateScorpio
9. AchlamahAmethystSagittarius
10. TharshishSerpentineCapricorn
11. SapirLapis LazuliAquarius
12. JaholomCrystalPisces
Zodiac blue and gold - adobe stock photo
Name Engraved on StoneColourApproximate Date of Sun’s Entry into the Zodiacal Signs
1. ReubenRedMarch 21st
2. SimeonGreenApril 21st
3. LeviWhiteMay 22nd
4. JudahGreenJune 22nd
5. ZebulunRedJuly 23rd
6. IssacherMixedAugust 24th
7. DanWhite and PurpleSeptember 24th
8. GadBrownOctober 24th
9. AsherPurpleNovember 23rd
10. NaphtaliSea colourDecember 20th
11. JosephBlueJanuary 20th
12. BenjaminGlistening WhiteFebruary 19th

The Baraita of Samuel deals with astronomical and astrological philosophies, and in the 6th Chapter there is a detailed account of the instruction of scholars of Egypt on the original places of the planets and the zodiacal divisions. This Samuel was a physician and astrologer, and his remarks on the administration of medicines, the times for operations, etc., are much the same as those given in the best astrological treatises of today. He considers the last four days of the moon as an especially risky period for important operations. This Baraita of Samuel is a work of the 8th Century.

Talmudic writers say that besides the twelve tribal names, those of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were at the top of the Breastplate, and at the end the words, “The tribes of Jeshurun.” Others say that the final words were “The tribes of Israel;” Maimonides says, “The tribes of God.” The reason given for these additions was that it was necessary for the entire alphabet to be employed so that the officiating High Priest could construct words from the letters, names and colours of the stones of the Breastplate, and reply in this way to all questions asked.

Some of the Rabbis say that six letters were on each stone, made up of the tribal names, the names Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the words “Tribes of Jeshurun.” Thus the whole of the stones contained 72 letters—the number of Shem Ha Meforash. The number 72 is employed in the mysteries, and is given in “Numbers, their Magic and Meaning” as the number of the Angels and of Mercy. In verses 19-21 of 14th Chapter of Exodus the names of the 72 Angels of the name of God are concealed. It is a martial talismanic number, lightly cloaking the waxing and waning of the Moon.

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In this timeless masterpiece, Isodore Kozminsky, a renowned author in the field of Jewish occultism and esotericism, reveals the hidden secrets of gemstones, semi-precious stones, and ordinary stones. Kozminsky skillfully navigates the philosophy of sympathy and antipathy found throughout nature, unveiling the interconnectedness of stone to stone, and person to person. As a member of a family of jewelers and associated with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Kozminsky was perfectly positioned to synthesize scientific data, ancient folklore, and the occult and beneficial use of stones.

Unlike more modern stone guides that limit themselves to the psychic and physical aspects of lithotherapy, this book provides a much more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the subject. Special emphasis is placed on the connection between the various gemstones and semi-precious stones discussed and the signs of the zodiac. The author offers a profound philosophy of lucky stones, planetary gems, and the mystical “stones of power,” which form an integral part of talismanic magic. Unique to this book are the inclusion of magical sigils and invocation formulas, providing readers with the means to establish contact with the stone spirits, presented as an embedded grimoire.

The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones was previously available only as a rare antiquarian find. VAMzzz Publishing presents a new, carefully revised edition, complete with additional information about the author.

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