The Magic and Science of Jewels: Chapter I

The-Magic-and-Science-of-Jewels-by-Isidore-Kozminsky-The Study of Precious Stones in Early Times

The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones by Isidore Kozminsky

“The Magic and Science of Jewels” by Isidore Kozminsky is a captivating exploration of the mystical properties and profound symbolism associated with gemstones. Published in 1922, this book bridges the realms of magic and science, shedding light on how these precious stones have fascinated and influenced humanity for centuries.

Kozminsky’s work delves into the metaphysical aspects of gemstones, exploring their healing powers, astrological connections, and spiritual significance. Each gemstone is presented as a unique repository of energy, offering readers a deeper understanding of their potential impact on the human experience.

The book also explores the esoteric and symbolic meanings of gemstones, unveiling the hidden wisdom embedded in their colors, shapes, and historical contexts. “The Magic and Science of Jewels” serves as a timeless resource for those seeking to harness the mystical qualities of gemstones and integrate them into their spiritual and practical lives, making it a valuable addition to the literature on gemstone lore and metaphysical studies.

Chapter I: Study of Precious Stones in Early Times

In Chapter 1, ‘Study of Precious Stones in Early Times’, Kozminsky delves into The chapter delves into the historical use of precious stones for talismanic purposes, driven by intuition and divine inspiration rather than chemical analysis. From the earliest times, humans have been drawn to the beauty and mystique of gems. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, these stones were not merely admired for their beauty but revered for their spiritual and medicinal attributes. Kozminsky illuminates early texts, rituals, and beliefs that underscored their significance, revealing a rich tapestry of ancient cultures deeply influenced by the mystique of these gems.

This chapter also discusses experiments on sensitives and the effects of stones on psychic subjects. The chapter highlights the power of gems to attract specific colors and their inherent vibratory qualities, shedding light on the ancient classification of gems based on color similarities. It examines the scientific and mystical aspects of precious stones in early civilizations.

The Magic and Science of Jewels by Isidore Kozminsky - Chapter 1


A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
Its loveliness increases; it will never
pass into nothingness.


The study of the precious and semi-precious stones of the earth has commanded the attention of man from the mists of ages when, according to Enoch, the angel Azazzel came to the earth plane to teach him the use of them. Hence man considered the actual benefit to himself of these stones until his natural curiosity led him to study more deeply the marvel of their existence. There can be little doubt that the indicated use was talismanic, and that the pure wisdom of divine inspiration and a clear faith rendered man’s intuition so keen that he was quite able to know the virtue of various stones without chemical analysis.

Dr. Ennemoser has recorded the effects of precious stones on certain psychic subjects, giving the opinion that “it is not improbable that in the early ages the belief in the virtues of talismans was induced by similar observations.” This, no doubt, is true and indicates to us that certain observed phenomena compelled a closer study. We are then reminded of the experiments which have been attributed to the schools of Pythagoras and of the observed effects of certain stones in the hands of sensitives by Baron Reichenbach in the middle of the nineteenth century and of the still more recent experiments in the schools at Nancy.


There are records of these experiments being carried out on magnetic somnambulists when diamonds, emeralds, rubies, loadstones, beryls, jaspers and other stones were found to produce varied and strange effects. Gems in common with all manifestations of nature have the power of attracting certain colours to themselves: and so persistent are these colours that it has been observed that when they are changed by art they are liable to revert slowly (for the action of the stone world is slow) to their original colours. This can be noticed especially with Topaz which may on this account alone have been identified with the stubborn and indomitable Mars.

The attraction of diverse colours by the various chemical compounds which are cohesive in the various stones must be a certain indication of vibratory power. Indeed, the ancients have indicated that the rates of vibration in the gems differ with the needs of the chemical entities composing them, and it may as well be emphasized here that life exists in a gem just as it does in another form in a plant or an animal. It need scarcely be repeated that colour is vibration. Colour is crystallized in a gem and immense vibration defies the material senses of man. A violet amethyst vibrates at the enormous rate of 750 trillions per second whilst a red ruby vibrates at 460 trillions. Hence we can scientifically demonstrate distinct powers by the evidence of known vibratory action.

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The people of antiquity classified gems in a manner different from that of the people of to-day, for they regarded colour of primary importance and bracketed stones of similar shades thus establishing the first points of agreement in the department of vibratory power.

It is inconceivable however, that the great masters were unacquainted with chemical components, for chemistry was one of the secret arts, and it is well known that the priests of Egypt experimented secretly in their temples and that the betrayal of scientific secrets was followed by the mysterious “punishment of the peach tree” (supposed to be death from prussic acid). Modern groupings are arranged with regard to chemical affinities so far as can be traced by close analytical investigations and experiments.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter I: The Study of Precious Stones in Early Times
  • Chapter II: The Most Ancient Science
  • Chapter III: The Ephod of the High Priest
  • Chapter IV: The Breastplate of Judgment
  • Chapter V: Interpretation of the Breastplate According to Ancient Philosophy
  • Chapter VI: The Stones of the Breastplate and the Zodiac
  • Chapter VII: Old Legends
  • Chapter VIII: Stones in Various Mythologies
  • Chapter IX: Stones and Their Stories
  • Chapter X: The Greatest Charms in the World
  • Precious and Semi-Precious Gems Arranged in Alphabetical Order
  • Chapter XI: Agate – Amazonite
  • Chapter XII: Amber – Azurite
  • Chapter XIII: The Beryl Family
  • Chapter XIV: Balas – Crysocolla
  • Chapter XV: Chrysolite – Crystal
  • Chapter XVI: The Diamond
  • Chapter XVII: Some Famous and Wonderful Diamonds and Their Stories
  • Chapter XVIII: Dichroite – Iolite
  • Chapter XIX: Jacinth – Lodestone
  • Chapter XX: Malachite – Nephrite
  • Chapter XXI: Obsidian – Onyx
  • Chapter XXII: The Opal
  • Chapter XXIII: The Flame Queen
  • The Great Australian Opal
  • Chapter XXIV: Various Kinds of Opal
  • Chapter XXV: Pearl
  • Chapter XXVI: Pearl
  • Chapter XXVII: Peridot – Ruby
  • Chapter XXVIII: Rutile – Sapphire
  • Chapter XXIX: Sardonyx – Succinite
  • Chapter XXX: Titanite – Topaz
  • Chapter XXXI: Tourmaline – Zircon
  • Chapter XXXII: Stones in Shakespeare’s Plays
  • Chapter XXXIII: Forms, Compositions, Characteristics, Zodiacal Classification, and Places of Origin
  • Chapter XXXIV: Gems in Heraldry, Magical Squares of Abra Melin the Mage, Charubel’s Gem Influences, Gems of Countries
  • Chapter XXXV: The Inevitable Law of Transmutation

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In this timeless masterpiece, Isodore Kozminsky, a renowned author in the field of Jewish occultism and esotericism, reveals the hidden secrets of gemstones, semi-precious stones, and ordinary stones. Kozminsky skillfully navigates the philosophy of sympathy and antipathy found throughout nature, unveiling the interconnectedness of stone to stone, and person to person. As a member of a family of jewelers and associated with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Kozminsky was perfectly positioned to synthesize scientific data, ancient folklore, and the occult and beneficial use of stones.

Unlike more modern stone guides that limit themselves to the psychic and physical aspects of lithotherapy, this book provides a much more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the subject. Special emphasis is placed on the connection between the various gemstones and semi-precious stones discussed and the signs of the zodiac. The author offers a profound philosophy of lucky stones, planetary gems, and the mystical “stones of power,” which form an integral part of talismanic magic. Unique to this book are the inclusion of magical sigils and invocation formulas, providing readers with the means to establish contact with the stone spirits, presented as an embedded grimoire.

The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones was previously available only as a rare antiquarian find. VAMzzz Publishing presents a new, carefully revised edition, complete with additional information about the author.

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